Top 5 Reading Goals! Summer 2017 Edition

Top 5 Reading Goals! Summer 2017 Edition


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Is it just me or is this year flying by? Summer is coming up and there will be plenty of traveling to do. Even if you currently do not have traveling plans right now, there is no better time than to prep your Summer Reading List!

Each novel will take you to a different part of the world and to the future, past, or present. If you are having a summer like mine was last year, work became priority and traveling sadly had to be placed on the back burner. But as readers, we don’t need to spend gobs of money in order to do so (instead we buy books). No, books can take that place within our hearts and whisk us away to the distant lands across mountains and oceans into a whole other time where we ache to travel.

But it’s 2017! It’s time for something new! Here are my Top 5 Books to Add to Your Summer Reading List! Now, these are not specific books but examples that you could use to create your Summer List this year.

1. Change Up Your Genres


It’s always good to branch out of your comfort zone and dip your toes into genres you never thought you’d fall in love with. If you are mostly a contemporary reader, why not try to walk on the dark side and throw in a mystery or two? YA Lover? Try a few Adult novels and see if you’d enjoy them. Genres are continuing going through a metamorphosis and in some cases, mixing in with various subjects you would never believe would come together to create a masterpiece……sometimes change is VERY good! Do not allow the fear of change disrupt the power of a good book!

If you’ve kept up on my blog and Goodreads reading list, I’ve mainly been reading paranormal romances, novellas, thrillers, graphic novels, and a few fantasy novels here and there lately. I’m changing it up this summer by diving into the world of fairy tale re-tellings, fantasy, and historical fiction/fantasy mix. When will the transition begin, you may ask? You should see my library holds list…..

2. Dive Into Classics!



School/College is out, why read classics? Um, I’ll tell you why! See the difference between being forced to read something for a grade versus reading a book because you want to is a HUGE difference. Especially if it is a classic you’ve had gathering dust on your TBR shelf. Research also comes in handy if you are searching for a classic book that is not usually required in schools.

For instance, there are classic books transferred into films but are lacking in print copies. EBay to the rescue! I’m serious. I have probably spent more time buying out of print copies for books in the last two months than I have purchasing books on the shelves everywhere. Two in particular that I will be creating Movie Vs. Book posts on these beauties. I highly recommend checking both these books and their film companions!



3. Biographies


Now don’t stop reading! Hear me out. Our world today needs new leaders and many of us need inspiration in our lives. Who are the people we admire? How did they get to where they are today? Maybe their life story will inspire us to make a huge step in our lives.

Currently, I’m reading biographies on the late Vincent Price and author Mary Shelley. Looking into their lives has actually shown me how much one’s past, especially when it comes to family. The famous actor, Vincent Price, was constantly afraid of being destitute due to a family “curse” told from their family history. Mary Shelley’s mother, Mary Wollstonecraft, was one of the founding women of the feminist movement. It was her teachings from which Mary was taught and she based her Frankenstein novel on the loneliness she felt with growing up without her mother around due to her death after Mary was born.

These two people had more to their stories; however, it made me realize that who you see and whose works you may read will show you a glimpse into that person’s very soul. So much so, it’s incredible to read what was going on behind the scenes as history was being made. Whose life story are you interested in reading?


4. Summer-based Books


Cliche, I know, but if you can not figure out books to read or genres to move too, you can always go with ole faithful and read about books surrounding summer or the beach.

5. Fandom Reads


Ah, my favorite one of them all! Fandom Reads! What do these include? Fanfiction, books based on your favorite film, show, or even the original series from which they came from! Fairy tale re-tellings do go under this goal category due to the fact….well…if you love Alice in Wonderland as much as I do, you have your subject to search for re-tellings, twists, or fan fiction about it! The possibilities are endless!



Do you have reading goals for this summer? If so, what are they?

Do any of my goals match your own?

Have any fairy-tale re-telling suggestions?


Let me know in the comment section below!



Happy Reading,


My Summer Reading Goals!

My Summer Reading Goals!

Summer is here! Summer is my favorite time of year! Shorts, swimming, trips, warmer weather, and bonfires. It can’t get any better then that, except coming up with Summer Reading Goals.

I know not a lot of readers are like me who have a list of Reading Goals I try to complete during the Summer. One is to read over 100 books this summer. Yes, it’s a stretch but I have a concrete plan on how to go about it. It’s mainly all about pacing, as I mentioned in my Swim Day/Book Day post. My goal is to read approximately 3-4 chapters a day from three different books whether ebooks or physical books.


With my Second Goal, I’d blame it on the library reading programs when I was a child. My local library counts every hour you read, book you read, or book review you send to them that you receive “Library Bucks” in order to use toward fines or book sales through their Adult Summer Reading Programs.

Despite me missing winning prizes as a kid, the library bucks do come in handy since they don’t expire even a year later. This means big time library book hauls during book sales or even books they sell on a small cart beside the doorway of the library. So my goal is to sign up for the Library Reading Program and earn plenty of Library Bucks in order to go towards my future library book haul stashes.

Thirdly, giving away books. I know, perish the thought, but I want to give stuff back to the community this summer by donating some of my books, especially children’s books. Every child deserves to learn how to read regardless of their background. It’s the future of America. If children remain on their devices or video games, the imagination will shrivel up along with it. This is why I want to donate.

Fourth, I’m beginning a new Blog Mini-Series on here called Author Wars where I’ll be comparing rival authors from the same genres on their books, their writing styles, their character development skills, and more. As a “Sneek Peek”, my first authors shall be “Charlotte Bronte vs. Emily Bronte”.

received_1018891468224135My fifth goal is to get back into my photography. What’s a blog without pictures to go with your books? It’s been awhile since me and my camera rekindled our friendship. This summer, be prepared to see more pictures on here!

My sixth goal is to write more book reviews and have more Giveaways. I’ve been a little behind this past month due to being in my friend’s wedding, family gatherings, and work. But there will be more posts coming! Also, if you want to keep updated on what books I’m reading or need book recommendations, you can check out my Book Pinterest board and join in the fun!



What are your Summer Reading Goals?

What are your Reading Goals in general?

Let me know in the comments below!


Happy Reading!