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Release Date: July 18, 2017

**Disclaimer: I received this courtesy of SheSpeaks and St. Martin’s Press in exchange for an honest review.**

Why Didn’t You Stop?”



I can’t believe it’s been a year since I read B.A. Paris’ gripping thriller Behind Closed Doors (see review here) where a couple’s marriage isn’t always what it seems. Now, B.A. Paris comes back for round two where a woman finds out by not stopping to help someone in a broken-down car, can lead to dire consequences. But what will get to her first? A dark figure lurking in the darkness or her own guilt?

The book opens up to a dreary, rainy night. Cass Anderson decides to take a shortcut in order to get home quicker, despite her husband’s warning to take the regular route home. On her way, she notices a broken down car on the side of the road. She wrestles with whether she should make sure the person in the car is alright or stay on course.

Fast forward to the morning after, she learns the woman in the car was murdered and the woman just so happened to be an acquaintance of Cass’s. She begins to go into this downward spiral of guilt and paranoia. Guilt from the murder, but her paranoia stems from the fact she is beginning to loose her memory. Even the simplest things are beginning to fade away, but the memory of that night remains constant. But then the phone calls start…..and she begins to believe someone is watching her…..will she figure out who the killer is before it’s too late?


This book has a large set of shoes to fill considering how good Behind Closed Doors was. Did it meet up to expectations? Yes and no. B.A. Paris is fantastic with her pacing and build up. Where it lacks is in lists of suspects and characters as well as the reveal at the end. I don’t want predictability attached to my mystery. I want to be surprised! Or at least allow the reveal not be from an obvious character right away.

Aside from those complaints, this book is very well-conceived and written. Will B.A. Paris come out with another novel next year is my question and will it exceed expectations? Or will her next novel make us wonder….

“If you can’t trust yourself…..who can you trust?”


Rating 7


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C.H.B. ARC Reviews: “Behind Closed Doors” By B.A. Paris

C.H.B. ARC Reviews: “Behind Closed Doors” By B.A. Paris


Wow. It’s been only a week and I’ve already finished yet another book that has not only kept me up all night reading but it has also lingered in my dreams. I thought I’d be taking a break from a mind-blowing thriller at least for a little while but I was completely wrong.

Behind Closed Doors follows the marriage of Jack and Grace Angel. On the surface, they appear to be the perfect couple. Jack is a prestigious attorney who fights on the side of battered women, a glowing reputation amongst his small band of colleagues, and a loving husband to his wife. Grace is a stay-at-home wife, talented chef to her friends, and adores her sister who has Down Syndrome. To everyone who see the Angels, they are pure #relationshipgoals.

But what if things were not what they seem? What if behind Grace’s somewhat cheerful eyes and Jack’s flawless smile, there lie a variety of secrets only they knew? Behind every perfect marriage there are things hidden. Hidden, behind closed doors. In this tale, it will make you believe Gone Girl was nothing compared to this story.

My insides ached the more I delved deeper into the book. The more I read, the more intense it became. The more intense it became, the more I wanted to keep on reading. Each time I placed it down, I felt myself rushing in my daily tasks at work just to be able to pick up the book again.

I highly recommend this book if you were a fan of Gone Girl. For warning, this is not like that book at all. Quite honestly, it’s a story all on it’s own and worth reading!


Official Release Date: August 9th, 2016

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**I received an Advanced Readers Copy of Behind Closed Doors from SheSpeaks and St. Martins Press for an honest Review**


My Rating: 9 out of 10 Book Charms


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