ARC Review: Guarded Desire By Christi Snow

ARC Review: Guarded Desire By Christi Snow


Title: Guarded Desire
Author: Christi Snow
Series: NM Protectors #1
Genres: New Adult, Romance
Release Date: June 21, 2018
Available: Amazon/B&N/Indie Bookstore
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**Disclaimer – I received this via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. This does not effect my review whatsoever.**


Kidnapped and terrorized, I refuse to let anyone break me. I can stand on my own, no matter what it costs…even if that cost is my life.

I was living the life of an ordinary college coed, but that existence was blown wide open when I was kidnapped while visiting my very famous mother, rock-star, ViviAnna.

Now I’m back at college, pretending life is normal while dodging paparazzi and dealing with my face showing up regularly on the nightly news. Trying to find a new balance isn’t happening and the effort to not jump at every shadow or bump in the night is messing with my head more than I ever expected.

I’m a highly trained bodyguard, but that doesn’t mean I want to deal with some spoiled pop princess’s daughter, especially if she’s anything like her handsy mother.

But when I met Elle, she shocked the hell out of me. She’s nice and thoughtful with an incredible inner strength. Even more surprising…she doesn’t want me anywhere near her. But every once in a while I see a flash of fear and vulnerability that make all my protective instincts flare.

I have to protect her.

Because they never caught her kidnapper…

About the Author

Christi Snow

As an avid reader her entire life, Christi Snow always dreamed of writing books that brought to others the kind of joy she felt when she read. But…she never did anything about it besides jot down a few ideas and sparse scenes.

When her husband retired from the Air Force, Christi decided it was time to chase her dream and she started writing. She hasn’t stopped since. With twenty-two published books in various romance genres, she’s found her passion. Now she spends her days with her laptop writing about sexy, alpha heroes and the loves of their lives.

Writing both as Christi Snow and one-half of the writing duo, KB Jacobs, Christi has fulfilled her dream… filling the world with more romance and suspense.

Her tagline is… Passion and adventure on the road to Happily Ever After. She loves this adventure and has truly found her tribe!




My Review

Want to talk about the perfect model for a book cover? All I’m saying is if I needed a guard, I’d definitely pick him. Since he’s supposed to be the character Jonah in this book and after reading it, I can absolutely see him in that role.

The great thing about this series, I must say, is that each is a standalone despite it being a series. You can read any of them out of order, but you do not need the rest. Even though this is the first one in the series, it’s a pretty good start.

Jonah, a former soldier, is placed in charge of guarding a well-known artist’s daughter after being she is rescued from a hostage situation. Elle is still recovering after being held captive. Her nightmares frighten her while her captor’s voice haunts her throughout the day. He was never caught by the police, bringing her to constantly look over her shoulder.

Her mother, ViviAnna, hires Jonah despite Elle’s protests. As a result, Jonah takes the guise of Elle’s “boyfriend” in order to protect her as she tries to complete her college degree. However, what begins as a mere act slowly transforms into attraction between the bodyguard and his ward.

The story is short, sweet, and keeps your attention due to the mystery aspect of where the captor is. I enjoyed the budding romance between Elle and Jonah. I had a little trouble with the ending. It felt rushed and needed to be drawn out a little longer. Other than that, its was a delightful read.

Rating 8

Happy Reading!



Xpresso Blog Tour & ARC Review: Evading the Dark By E.M. Rinaldi

Xpresso Blog Tour & ARC Review: Evading the Dark By E.M. Rinaldi



Title: Evading the Dark
Author: E.M. Rinaldi
Series: The Cross Chronicles #1
Genre: YA Fantasy
Release Date: April 24th, 2018
Available: Amazon/Goodreads



High school sucks. It doesn’t matter who you ask; jock, cheerleader, computer nerd, or band geek, they will all say the same thing: It’s a nightmare. But Casey is still wondering how she got the short end of the stick. Just a Sophomore at the prestigious Luthos Academy for Magical Beings, Casey already knows more about heartache and fear than any almost-sixteen-year-old should.

Orphaned and left to be raised by the Academy, she spends her days training to become a Guardian, but that dream is looking dimmer with every day that passes.Unlike the wand-waving heroines in all her favorite books, Witches in her world don’t cast spells, they are born wielding the power of nature: water, fire, earth, or air; powers Casey never developed. She’ll be lucky if they even allow her to take her final exams.

She is top of her training class, but that doesn’t keep her from being looked down upon by every other being at her school. All Casey wants is to be given a chance, instead she finds the only life she’s ever known targeted by an unfathomable evil. Thrust into the center of an age-old prophecy, a war is coming with Casey at the reins.

Will relying on her hard earned training be enough for her to make it out alive?

My Review

Evading the Dark takes us to a world where witches, vampires, fae, and shifters remain in secret. Their progeny are sent to hidden schools for the talented beings throughout the world. Casey, an orphaned child of notorious witch Carina, is taken into the Luthos Academy under the guise of her Guardian Eli in order to grow in her powers. The downside – Casey does not have any powers.

The witches at Luthos are held at an extremely high standard. Each one is drawn to one of the four elements (fire, water, air, & earth). Since Casey does not wield any of these powers, her fellow students (except her friends Cedric and Falon) go out of their way to torment her day after day for something she cannot control. I spent a good part of the book angry at her horrible treatment and the instructors turning a blind eye to it. How can you allow students harm an innocent one who cannot even fully defend herself? But, I digress. The turning point of the novel could not come at a better time when it did.

There are not many characters like Casey, period. Despite the torment, she still fights for herself even when others turn a blind eye and carries her addicting personality in tow. Even with a prophecy over her head, she doesn’t give up trying to discover her place and how she may succeed.

Wonderful story, well-thought out characters and enticing plot – one to keep an eye for sure!

Rating 8


Happy Reading!



Blog Tour, ARC Review, & Excerpt: From the Earth to the Shadows By Amanda Hocking

Blog Tour, ARC Review, & Excerpt: From the Earth to the Shadows By Amanda Hocking

From the Earth to the Shadows Cover

Title: From the Earth to the Shadows
Series: Valkyrie Bk. 2
Author: Amanda Hocking

*Disclaimer – I received an ARC Copy via NetGalley and St. Martin’s Press. This does not effect my review whatsoever.


inn - about the book

The epic conclusion to the thrilling Valkyrie duology by New York Times bestselling YA author Amanda Hocking, From the Earth to the Shadows.

While dealing with dark revelations about her life and her world, Malin finds herself with new allies–and new enemies. Her quest for the truth leads her to places she never thought possible, and she’s never been one to shy away from a fight. But for all her strength and determination, will it be enough to save the world before it’s too late?

inn- about the author


Amanda Hocking is a lifelong Minnesotan obsessed with Batman and Jim Henson. In between watching cooking shows, taking care of her menagerie of pets, and drinking too much Red Bull Zero, she writes young adult urban fantasy and paranormal romance.

Several of her books have made the New York Times Bestsellers list, including the Trylle trilogy and Kanin Chronicles. Her zombie series, The Hollows, has been adapted into a graphic novel by Dynamite. She has published over fifteen novels, including the Watersong quartetand My Blood Approves series. FrostfireIce Kissed, and Crystal Kingdom – all three books in her bestselling trilogy, The Kanin Chronicles– are out now.



inn- excerpt.png


The air that fogged around me was thick enough that I could taste it—earthy and wet, with a trace of salt. It stuck to my skin, which was already slick with sweat, and that only seemed to attract more insects. They buzzed around me, leaving burning little bites in my flesh. I wanted to swat them off, but I couldn’t. I had to stay perfectly still, or the Kalanoro would spot me too soon.

The oversaturation of green in the jungles of Panama had been a strange adjustment from the smog and bright lights of the city. Out here, it was an endless emerald sea: the plants and trees, the rivers, were all varying shades of green—even the sky was blotted out by a thick canopy of leaves.

This wasn’t where I wanted to be, crouched motionless in the mud with a giant millipede crawling over my foot. Not when Asher was still gone, held captive in Kurnugia by the underworld goddess Ereshkigal and her mad centaur boyfriend, Gugalanna. Not when the fate of the world felt heavy on my shoulders, with Ereshkigal attempting an uprising that would unleash the underworld on earth.

It had only been three days since I’d gone to the Gates of Kurnugia, along with Oona, Quinn, Asher, and Atlas to aid me. I’d wanted to avenge my mother—and I had killed the draugr that had killed her—but all of that may have set off a chain of events that would bring about the end of days.

And I had lost the guy I … well, not loved. Not yet. But I cared about him. All I wanted to do was rescue him. But I couldn’t. There was too much at stake. I couldn’t let my heart get the best of me. I had to hold it together, and follow my orders.

After Gugalanna had pulled Asher down into the underworld where I could not follow, the rest of us had gone to Caana City in Belize. It was the safest city near the Gates of Kurnugia, and Oona needed medical intervention to survive. She was on the mend now, and that’s why I had left her behind, with Quinn and Atlas.

I didn’t want to risk losing them the way I had Asher, and I was on a special assignment, coming directly from the Valkyries’ highest authority—Odin.

Odin had found me outside of the hospital where Oona was being treated. I had never met him before, and, like most of the Vanir gods, he changed his appearance to suit his needs, so I hadn’t recognized him.

He towered over me in his tailored suit, with his left eyelid withered shut. He had a deep rumble of a voice, with a softly lilting accent, and a grim expression. His large raven, Muninn, had been watching over me, but when I tried to press him for a reason why, he had told me that there wasn’t time to explain.

“I need you to go deep into the heart of the jungle, where no man dares to live,” Odin explained, as we had stood in the eerily silent parking lot in Caana City. “You must retrieve something for me.”

“Why can’t you retrieve it yourself?” I asked bluntly. I wasn’t being rude, but the reality was that Odin was a powerful god, and I was just a young mortal Valkyrie-in-training. He had far more knowledge and power than I could ever hope to have.

“I’m not allowed to meddle in the affairs of humans or any of the other earthly beings,” Odin clarified.

“But…” I trailed off, gathering the courage to ask, “What is this you’re doing now, then? Isn’t directing me to get something for you the same as meddling?”

A sly smile played on his lips, and he replied, “There are a few loopholes, and I think it’s best if I take advantage of one now. If you want to save your friend, and everyone else that matters to you, you need to act quickly.”

“What is it that you need me to get?” I asked, since I didn’t seem to have a choice.

“The Valhallan cloak,” he explained. “It was stolen centuries ago by a trickster god—I honestly can’t remember which one anymore—and he hid it with the Kalanoro of Panama.”

“The Kalanoro?” I groaned reflexively. Having dealt with them before, I already knew how horrible they were.

If piranhas lived on land, they would behave a lot like the Kalanoro. They were small primate-like creatures, standing no more than two feet tall, and they vaguely resembled the aye-aye lemur. The biggest differences were that the Kalanoro were tailless, since they lived mostly on the ground, and they had razor-sharp claws on their elongated fingers and a mouth of jagged teeth they used to tear apart the flesh of their prey.

“What is the Valhallan cloak, and how will I find it?” I asked Odin.

“You’ll know when you see it. It’s an oversized cloak, but the fabric looks like the heavens. The rumors are that the Kalanoro were attracted to the magic of the cloak, though they didn’t understand it, so they took it back to their cave,” Odin elaborated. “They apparently have been guarding it like a treasure.”

“So I have to go into the treacherous jungle, find the man-eating Kalanoro, and steal their favorite possession?” I asked dryly. “No problem.”

Which was how I ended up in the jungle, alone, in the heart of Kalanoro country—at least, that’s what the nearest locals had purported. In front of me, on the other side of a very shallow but rapidly moving stream, was the mouth of a cave. The cave I hoped was the home of the Kalanoro, but I was waiting to see one for official confirmation.

Sweat slid down my temples, and a large dragonfly flew overhead. The trees around me were a cacophony of sounds—monkeys and frogs and birds and insects of all kinds, talking to one another, warning of danger, and shouting out mating calls.

Back in the city, beings and creatures of all kinds lived among each other, but there were rules. The jungle was not bound by any laws. I was not welcome, and I was not safe here.

I heard the crunch of a branch—too loud and too close to be another insect. I turned my head slowly toward the sound, and I saw movement in the bushes right beside me. Tall dark quills, poking out above the leaves, and I tried to remember if the Kalanoro had any quill-like fur.

I didn’t have to wonder for very long because a head poked out of the bushes, appearing to grin at me through a mouthful of jagged fangs and a face like an alien hyena. The leathery green skin, mottled with darker speckles, blended in perfectly with the surroundings, with a mohawk-like row of sharp quills running down its back.

It wasn’t a Kalanoro—it was something much worse. I found myself face-to-face with a Chupacabra.

inn- my review

If you’d like to check out my review of the first book, you can check it out here!

Firstly, thank you Amanda and the team for allowing me to be apart of this blog tour for this wonderful duology! Also, Happy Release Day! This series has been a joy to read, and I can’t wait to read more in the future!

The story turns up the action and places the relationship aspects on the back burner with Malin going off on a mission from Odin in order to retrieve his sword from the Underworld as well as rescuing Asher from the Underworld. Once the sword is retrieved, the balance between immortals and mortals would be complete.

I will be perfectly honest, this sequel wasn’t as strong as the previous installment. The plot wasn’t as thoroughly planned out and was over simplified compared to the first book. I loved the action, but love triangles are over with and need to be taken out of YA literature for good.

Instead, this book needed more complex scenes, problems, etc.. It just needed…..more. Get rid of the triangle, add more mythology based issues, betrayal – things like that. Push the limits, give the readers something to munch on even after the final page is turned.

If you are an Amanda Hocking fan or into mythology, be sure to check this series out.

Rating 6


Happy Reading!


Blog Tour & ARC Review: Suitors and Sabotage

Blog Tour & ARC Review: Suitors and Sabotage



Title: Suitors and Sabotage
Author: Cindy Anstey
Publisher: Swoon Reads
Release Date: April 17th, 2018
Genres: Historical, Romance, Young Adult
Available: Amazon/B&N/iBooks/Kobo
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**Disclaimer – I received an ARC via NetGalley, Xpresso Tours, and Swoon Reads in exchange for an honest review. This does not effect my review whatsoever.**

dd- about the book

Two young people must hide their true feelings for each other while figuring out who means them harm in this cheeky Regency romance from the author of Love, Lies and Spies and Duels & Deception.

Shy aspiring artist Imogene Chively has just had a successful Season in London, complete with a suitor of her father’s approval. Imogene is ambivalent about the young gentleman until he comes to visit her at the Chively estate with his younger brother in tow. When her interest is piqued, however, it is for the wrong brother.

Charming Ben Steeple has a secret: despite being an architectural apprentice, he has no drawing aptitude. When Imogene offers to teach him, Ben is soon smitten by the young lady he considers his brother’s intended.

But hiding their true feelings becomes the least of their problems when, after a series of “accidents,” it becomes apparent that someone means Ben harm. And as their affection for each other grows—despite their efforts to remain just friends—so does the danger. . .

In Suitors and Sabotage, author Cindy Anstey delivers another witty young adult historical fiction novel that is the perfect mix of sweetly romantic and action-packed.

dd- about the author


Whenever she is not sitting at the computer, throwing a ball in the backyard, gardening or reading, Cindy can be found–actually, not found–adventuring around the world with her hubby.

She has lived on three continents, had a monkey in her yard and a scorpion under her sink, dwelt among castles and canals, enjoyed the jazz of Beale St and attempted to speak French.

Cindy loves history, mystery and… a chocolate Labrador called Chester. Love, Lies and Spies is her debut novel.



dd- my review

Back during the regency period, comes a novel where love and mystery entangle to prepare you for Suitors and Sabotage. The love triangle aspect is turned up to a level 11 and you know how I feel about those. However, this one isn’t a true love triangle since two of the characters are obviously falling for one another and not their “suited” counterparts.
We open to the year of 1817 where Imogene Chivey’s family estate is being visited by her match, Ernest Steeple and his brother Benjamin. Her father immediately is taken with Ernest and believes the match will be prosperous while looking down upon Ernest’s brother Benjamin. Benjamin has a high interest in architecture, though, and is hired by Imogene’s father in order to restore a castle on the estate property. Benjamin has a secret, though, he lacks the ability to draw. Imogene jumps in and offers her help to teach him and their relationship takes flight from there.
Despite Ernest’s efforts, Imogene slowly begins to turn her attention to his brother Benjamin. The chemistry between these two are subtle and not overpowering like many “insta-love” literary couples. The development in their relationship takes time and it’s the PERFECT time. On the other hand, Imogene’s best friend, Emily, is falling for Benjamin as well and Ernest with Imogene, respectively. It feels a bit complicated at times and I found myself having to pause for a few minutes in order to let the idea of it all sink in.
The mystery component of this novel is gradually added into the novel. Several incidents take place, causing problems to arise for Benjamin and capture Emily and Imogene’s attention. The incidents are small and inconsequential but then they begin to escalate to where they could possibly kill someone. The reveal of the culprit needed a bit of work. I was surprised at the identity, but how they were caught is a whole other ballgame completely. It needed to be revealed in a different way, in my opinion.
I enjoyed this book. I positively enjoyed the awkward conversations and the dynamics the characters brought to the table. If you are looking for your next Regency-era YA read, I highly recommend you pick this one up!
Rating 8

Happy Reading!


Book Tour & Reviews: A Dark Glass Series By Barb Hendee

Book Tour & Reviews: A Dark Glass Series By Barb Hendee

thumbnail_Through a Dark Glass_407x600

thumbnail_A Choice of Crowns

Titles: Though a Dark Glass, A Choice of Crowns
Series: A Dark Glass Series
Author: Barb Hendee
Release Date:
Available: Amazon/B&N
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Olivia Geroux knew her king was reluctant to marry her, whatever the negotiations had arranged. But she never expected to find handsome, arrogant King Rowan obsessed with his stepsister instead. And before she can determine what course to take, she overhears her greatest ally plotting to murder the princess.

Olivia must act quickly—and live with whatever chaos results. As the assassin hunts his prey, a magic mirror appears to show Olivia the
three paths that open before her.


If she hesitates only a moment, the princess will die—and she will become queen.

If she calls for help, she will gain great power—but she must also thrust away her own happiness. If she runs to stop the murder herself, she will know love and contentment -but her whole country will suffer.

As she lives out each path, her wits and courage will be tested as she fights to protect her people, her friends, and her heart. And deciding which to follow will be far from easy . . .

cc- about the author.png

thumbnail_Hendee, Barb - Credit J.C. Hendee.jpg

Barb Hendee is the New York Times bestselling author of The Mist-Torn Witches series. She is the co-author (with husband J.C.) of the Noble Dead Saga. She holds a master’s degree in composition/rhetoric from the University of Idaho and currently teaches writing for Umpqua Community College. She and J.C. live in a quirky two-level townhouse just south of Portland, Oregon.



cc- my review.png

Both of these books surround the lore of a mysterious mirror who is possessed by a witch who was murdered by a king whom she tricked. Since then, it is her duty to give to lay out three choices with different outcomes to their decisions.

In the first book, Megan must choose three suitors for whom would be best to be her husband. The mirror shows her three different perspectives with various results. In the end, she is given the choice: choose love, choose respect, or choose loneliness.

I absolutely adore this first part of the series and enjoyed the outcomes. My only complaint is the handling of the LGBQ character. I understand times were different in medieval times; however, it could have been handled more gently.

With the second tale, a young woman, Olivia, is sent to be the bride of the newly noble King Rowan who is fickle with whom becomes his bride. Olivia overhears a plot to murder her possible future sister in-law.

The mirror appears once again to give her the possible choices and outcomes of her choice. But which will she choose? She can become queen, cause her country to suffer, or gain power. This is a fantastic upgrade to the first book, for sure!

Happy Reading!


C.H.B. ARC Review: Just One Look By Deb Julienne

C.H.B. ARC Review: Just One Look By Deb Julienne


Title: Just One Look
Series: Launching Love #1
Author: Deb Julienne
Published: September 20th, 2017
Available: Amazon
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*Disclaimer: I received an ARC copy via NetGalley and Kindred Ink Press LLC in exchange for an honest review. This does not effect my review whatsoever.*


On a secret mission for her entrepreneur father, Diana Tolliver (aka Diana Clay) finds herself unexpectedly alone on a singles cruise. She befriends another solo female passenger, and they play a game to make their would-be-boring cruise a bit more fun. Each woman must pick out a single male for the other to date for the duration of the cruise.

JJ Westbrook is working his final gig as band manager for his best friend, country singer Hunter Cross, leaving to pursue a new job. While on the deck of the cruise ship, JJ spots a blonde goddess and is captivated.

When mutual friends reconnect, Diana and JJ are set up and quickly become enamored with each other, but only have a few chances to sneak away together during their time on the ship. Will they be able go their separate ways after the cruise, or will romance—and careers—bring them together again?

My Review

Short, Sweet, and Oh so tantalizing! Despite being a little over ninety pages or so, this short story will leave you clambering for the sequel especially if you are into romances. It’s a hilarious yet loving romp about two unsuspecting people who have a limited amount of time to fall in love, but who will cave first?

Diana Tolliver is abandoned by her friend and assistant Liv on board a singles cruise. Originally, she was sent there on a mission by her father to scope out whether it was worth purchasing by her father. It was supposed to be an innocent business venture alongside Liv. That is, until Liv decided to skip out on her own rendezvous and leave Diana stranded to figure what she’ll do next.

Diana quickly rebounds and teams up with another solo girl on the ship and they both go on a mission. They both set up one another with a random male passenger. What could go wrong, right?

Loved the set up, execution, plus all of the characters in this story! Fell in love immediately and could not put it down. If you’re looking for a short romantic novel to dive into – pick this one!

Rating 9

Happy Reading,


C.H.B. ARC Review Choosing a Master (Vampires and the Life of Erin Rose #1) By S.M. Perlow

C.H.B. ARC Review Choosing a Master (Vampires and the Life of Erin Rose #1) By S.M. Perlow

*Disclaimer – I was given a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. This does not effect my review whatsoever*


Available: Amazon/Goodreads/B&N


“Like the blood of God…”

In New Orleans, a passage from a Renaissance-era book is Ethan’s only hope to save the woman he loves. He’s a vampire, so he can live forever. Ellie, however, is mortal, ill, and running out of time.

“If Sanguan vampires drank synthetic blood, like Spectavi vampires, the world would be so much safer for humans.”

In the Spectavi laboratory where synthetic blood was created, Vera is making no progress with her current projects. But for her devotion to the Spectavi cause—and their leader—she will go to any lengths.

“She would hold me when she bites, and at least while she sips my blood, I wouldn’t be alone.”

In a nightclub in France, John has an unusual encounter with a gorgeous vampire, but his love for a mortal woman forces him into a devastating choice.

Reason or passion, good or evil, duty, love, or pure pleasure—in a world with two vampire factions at war, choosing the right master is everything.

About the Master

S.M. Perlow is the author of the dark fantasy series, Vampires and the Life of Erin Rose. A longtime entrepreneur, he’s now focused on writing fiction, where his creativity can be both fantastical and deeply human. He loves history and traveling, and brings elements of each into his novels. He lives in Austin, TX, the setting of his new satire, The Girl Who Was Always Single: A Short Horror Story for the Dating App Age.



My Review

Three stories, same universe, with an ending that will send you ready for the next installment….I think I’m ready to “Choose a Master” myself. I’m getting ahead of myself here. Much like Anne Rice, we are taken to the beloved city of New Orleans to get acquainted with the vampires of this series and the sequence of events that lead them to meld together.

Vampires in this series are split up into two factions. We have the Sanguans are the rogue vampires that live in their own ways. The Spectavi are peaceful vampires that partake in synthetic blood and live in harmony amongst humans.

We first meet Ethan, a vampire, who is searching for a cure for his love Ellie. He is willing to go to the ends of the earth in order to find the vital piece to turn her sickness around. Will he find it in time to awake her from her coma?

Next, is Vera. She is also looking to discover a cure of sorts within the confines of the Spectavi synthetic blood laboratory. Her patients aren’t in comas, however, are suffering from deep mental problems that have been inflicted upon them for eternity.

John, a divorcee lost within his depressed soul, gets entangled with a mysterious woman named Madison. As he goes deeper into his new affair, he finds the darker side of vampirism. And his blood? Well, it holds the key to a new ecstasy amongst vampires.

There is an additional side story that I think may expand to the other books. It wasn’t gone into in great detail so I’m going to assume it’ll be touched on in the future books. S.M. Perlow has brought a great addition to the vampire lore and fiction. Out of all three stories, I’d have to say I enjoyed Ethan’s quest the most out of the rest.


Rating 7

Happy Reading!