Quick ARC Review – This Thing Called Life: Race, Sex, Religion, and the Creative Revolution of Prince By Joseph Vogel

Quick ARC Review – This Thing Called Life: Race, Sex, Religion, and the Creative Revolution of Prince By Joseph Vogel


*Disclaimer – I received an ARC Copy via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. This does not effect my review whatsoever*


inn- my review

I remember as a little girl watching Prince’s “Purple Rain” and listening to “When Doves Cry” in the car on my way to school. Even though I was a 90s child, there was something about Prince that caught my attention then and even now at twenty – six. As I’m sitting here, writing this before getting ready for a photo shoot, I’m blaring “Rasberry Beret” in the background, nodding my head to the beat and swaying.

The intensity this one man brought to the world of music and entertainment, period in my opinion, will never be over-shadowed. He didn’t put himself only into his own music but instead inspired and brought other artists into the limelight and taught us that no matter who you are – we always have a song within us needed to be sung and experienced. The ability to read this book, gave me a deeper insight to who Prince was.

Most biographies I’ve read were about various artists (Pat Benatar, Eric Clapton, etc.) and co-written by the individuals themselves. Prince was well-known as being a very private person and in his own right. He held strict beliefs and standards most musicians would not hold in place. I’m not going into major details about this book because you need to read it for yourself.

The author splits this book into seven themes based on Prince’s favorite number: each going into detail about aspects in his life that paved his way and how they effected the music and community from the 80s-onward. It jumps back and forth through times so unlike average biographies, this does not have a concrete timeline to follow. That can be frustrating for some readers but it didn’t really bother me that much.

The author backs up his findings and insights with citing his sources and listed them all in the back for our reference which backs up his opinions. The more I read, the more I wanted to look into the other references he listed to get more information. To understand a mysterious man such as Prince, you have too.

I am thankful to have read this and despite Prince being gone, his voice, life, and legacy continue to live on through his music and the lives he has touched.

Rating 8


Happy Reading!


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