C.B.H. Reviews: Memories of Chronosalis By Ceara Comeau

C.B.H. Reviews: Memories of Chronosalis By Ceara Comeau

Title: Memories of Chronosalis
Author: Ceara Comeau

Release Date: November 17th, 2017
Available: Amazon/B&N/Goodreads

About the Book

It’s one thing to read about heroes saving worlds in far off galaxies, but to become one is an entirely different story. Sixteen-year-old Amber Oak wanted nothing more than to stay in her own world of music and solitude. But the inhabitants of Galaseya, a Utopian planet rooted in the past, had other ideas in mind.

According to them, only she wielded the power to stop the dark forces threatening their home. At first, Amber sympathized with the planet, but saw no reason to involve herself in the affairs of something outside her world. But the stakes have risen when she discovers that Galaseya is not only the world that has been invading her dreams, but also the place her estranged family originated from.

With this new knowledge, questions began to surface and secrets of Amber’s life come to light causing her to second guess everything she knows…

About the Author




Ceara Comeau began writing stories when she was twelve years old. Her writing career began with Amber Oak, Volume 1 and Adventures of the Young and Curious. Both books were a compilation of short stories that were self-published when she was only fifteen years old.

Over the next few years, Amber Oak, Volume 2 was written and she became self-published by seventeen. During her college years, Amber Oak and the Missing Links and Amber Oak and the Master of Illusions were born. After they were self-published, Ceara wrote another story separate from her Amber Oak World entitled, The Lost Journal of Erika Traynor.

Later, she returned to the beginning and looked at her Amber Oak series and decided to go back to the beginning and rewrite her first series. What first started out as an eight book novella series transformed into a trilogy and finally into one book, Memories of Chronosalis.

My Review

Strange dreams haunted sixteen year old Amber’s life for months. Visions of dark creatures with sharp teeth and haunting imagery causes her to question her own reality the moment she awakes. Soon she discovers these dreams are not merely dreams at all but the key to her existence and purpose.

This is not your average female led YA Sci-fi/Fantasy. She is a “Chosen One”, but is not the common ones you see in YA Sci-Fi/Fantasy novels of today. Through her struggle to accept her purpose to save her families’ home planet of Galaseya to fight the monsters in the dark, Amber must learn to push her introverted ways aside to take on the armor of a warrior. Her growth from the beginning of the novel to the end is immense and a fantastic journey that you rarely see in books today.

Ceara does not skim on details in this novel. She brings her visions to life through colorful, in-depth depictions of the planet of Galaseya and the galaxies beyond our own comprehension. She deserves a spot amongst other writers of today and her characters will stay with you after the final page. If you are looking for your next YA Sci-Fi/Fantasy read, I highly suggest you pick this one up! You won’t regret it!


Rating 10


Happy Reading!



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