C.H.B Reviews: My Thoughts on the “Fear Street” Revival

C.H.B Reviews: My Thoughts on the “Fear Street” Revival

October 10th

Return of Fear Street

In these times of nostalgia we live in, all of us 90s kids are longing for the past. We long for our old music, shows, surroundings, and memories. Full House is back with Fuller House, our beloved cartoons are being re-imagined for another generation, favorite bands and figures are playing shows in Las Vegas or coming out with new albums, and old favorite authors are coming back with book series we used to swoon over. But the real question is, should some of these be back? This, in particular, is The Fear Street Series.

I’ve already written about my old favorite series. Author R.L. Stine still writes his Goosebumps today and last year, he revived Fear Street in an attempt to terrorize a new generation of teenagers. So far, these revival books are less to be desired. I even re-read a couple of the old books in order to prepare. But when you begin to read a revival series and you’re within 10 pages and already feel like adding it to the DNR pile, it’s truly a dark day.

To be blunt – Stine’s editor needs to be replaced. Immediately! The majority of these stories are made up of repetitive phrases, imagery, and attitudes twisted around a less than enthralling story. I mean, I don’t know how much more I can take hearing the following: “frightening, horror, crazy, or horrifying” in a continual loop in a 220 page book.

The worst part of it all is these teenagers he writes about are frozen in this time warp where they still dress like the former kids of Fear Street. They don’t speak, act, or even react like today’s teenagers would. Stine tries to incorporate technology and it does not fit, period. Short, simple dialogue that can take place through a phone never comes through.

Dear Fear Street Editor, if these revival books were re-written with proper sentences, better dialogue, and fresh scares – I’d read them. It depressing to know that one of your favorite authors is trying to bring one of his beloved series back to life but does not have the proper tools in order to do it appropriately. Honestly, Stine needs to stick to writing children’s books for now. Unless he embraces and utilizes how things are today, his books will not reach the high status they once held.

If you’re a fan of this past series, the revival is not what you’ll remember or has improved from it’s dark, bitter past. I believe it’s time for Fear Street, along with Angelica and Simon Fear’s legacy, to be put to rest for good.


Happy October Reading!



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