C.H.B. Reviews “Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter” By Seth Grahme-Smith

C.H.B. Reviews “Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter” By Seth Grahme-Smith

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Abraham Lincoln, one of the most beloved presidents in United States history. The Kentucky born man with the loving fatherly smile, sad eyes, and a heart full of gold. A man who stood for freedom for all and fought for it with his words and actions. I remember doing a presentation based on his life back in high school and there are mounds upon mounds of books about him. Books ranging from his psychological state to his upbringing and even his sexuality are exposed to the world. But I think I admire him not only for his courage to take the helm of a country on the verge of war but continuing to be a leader while he fought his own battle with depression and loss of a son. 

But of all these books I read on him, I cannot but talk about Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter.  Seth Grahme-Smith, author of the famous Pride and Prejudice and Zombies series, took vampires to a whole new level by the placing them in the middle of an extremely important part of U.S. History. I have not read a novel like this one since and have yet to seen one this well thought out and succeed.

The author opens up his book with a foreword on him acquiring the secret diaries of Abraham Lincoln through this mysterious stranger named Henry. Henry leaves a letter for, stating his wishes for Smith to pen a story about Lincoln and his battle with the creatures of the night.

The whole book reads as a biography of Lincoln’s history including how he became a vampire hunter after the discovering the truth behind his mother’s untimely death. Lincoln starts off as this gangly, bitter farm boy and transforms into this fighting hunter who seeks out to slay all vampires for the betterment of humanity. 

I have to talk about the pictures in the book! The author includes well Photoshopped photos of Lincoln holding his axe or vampire remains in the background, adding a realistic feel to the tale. I absolutely loved them! Even though the vampire additions to Lincoln’s story are purely fictional, you can’t help but wish they were real after reading this.

I highly recommend this for your own October Reads! It’s action packed, thrilling, and come on, it’s Abraham Lincoln killing vampires. Enough said!

My Rating: 9 out of 10 Book Charms!

Happy October Reading,


3 thoughts on “C.H.B. Reviews “Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter” By Seth Grahme-Smith

    1. I loved the movie. It is different from the book; however, the author wrote the screenplay and made it even better. I actually like the movie better than the book which says a lot, but the book is more of a historical account verses the movie is for entertainment purposes.

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