COMING SOON: Breaking Down the Charms….”Heart-Shaped Box” Edition! 

COMING SOON: Breaking Down the Charms….”Heart-Shaped Box” Edition! 

For awhile, I’ve wanted to do a review where I explain my rating for a certain book by listing out my Book Charm Rating and explaining what components from the book goes with them. When I rate my books I go with my system that those who are new to reading my blog can read about here. But I usually put at the end of my review the total of Charms it earned instead of giving a broken down, bit by bit, explanation.

Last week, I finished reading Heart-Shaped Box by Joe Hill and I have to be honest, I am eager to show you my “Broken Down” Charm post all about this book. It captured my attention from the start and it deserves a thorough review.

Joe Hill, author of the bestseller Horns, deserves more credit for his debut novel. A majority of readers have cast their literary stones due to the fact he is the King of Horror, Stephen King, son. Heart-Shaped Box is considered by quite a few King fans to have had paid acclaimed reviews because Hill is his son. It’s completely unfair for his first novel to be torn to shreds because he brings a different kind of horror than his father.

Now I may an Author Wars post on comparing the two some other day but when I read this novel, I didn’t compare. I gave Hill a chance to make a name for himself as a writer, period. But I’ll get more into my thoughts on the book in the post tomorrow.

Keep your eyes open for my review tomorrow!

Happy Reading!


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