C.H.B. Reviews: “Stargazer” By: Claudia Gray

C.H.B. Reviews: “Stargazer” By: Claudia Gray

I began the Evernight series earlier this year. The first book, heavily disappointed. I started this book back in June, but stopped to read other books on my list which called my attention. I finally picked it up again last week and finished it last weekend.

While there may have been new twists added to the story, unfortunately, I still rolled my eyes more times than I can count. We go back to complicated dramatic love story of Bianca and Lucas. Sum up: Bianca, (born vampire) and Lucas (vampire hunter) = “Star-Crossed Lovers”.

What I find terribly depressing about this story is the fact that the author presents this possibly fantastic new element to the story involving wraiths and Balthazar’s sister only to shove it to the back burner the majority of the time. When Balthazar’s sister came into play, it felt like it was a waste of time considering his sister has become “evil” by getting involved with the wrong crowd, alerting Lucas’s vampire hunter squad. With the wraiths, I’m inwardly groaning right now, it starts as an interesting turn of events but then falls into only causing more drama and Bianca whining over ridiculous things.


Much like Twilight’s New Moon, we are reminded of the whole Romeo and Juliet element to the current story. Bianca even begins to compare her own relationship to the story. I’m currently trying not to throw this book across the room right now, I’m that frustrated with it. Her head is 85% filled with the obsession of Lucas, Lucas, Lucas, and Lucas. Even when her life is in danger, she constantly thinks about him. Maybe it’s because I’m not a teenager anymore that I get frustrated by this and find it repulsive but I find it repulsive.


Alas, I have the third book in this series and will eventually read and review it. Could be a month….or two….or three….but it’ll get done.

If you haven’t read this series, I advise you not too. Don’t waste your time unless you want a splitting headache and wonder if you should take some anger management classes.


My Rating: 3 out of 10 Book Charms


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