Support Independent Authors!

Support Independent Authors!

As I’m catching up on my reviews, I can’t help but see that the majority of books I’ve dove into lately were written by independent authors. These authors are not widely known due to them going through small, independent book publishers or even through sites like Wattpad.

Those who write through Wattpad, gain the ability to cultivate a following of their own without the use of a publishing company. Some then proceed to go through Amazon publishing, to release their completed novel for their readers to purchase for their shelves, both digital and physical.

The independent publisher authors are brilliant. I’m not saying the writers using Wattpad are not. What I am saying is they are trying to grow their following from bare bones. Many do not even know where to begin. Most often than not, their books are not accessed. Whether it’s through poor marketing, few resources, etc.. 

Whatever the case may be, I honestly fully support the Independent Authors who work hard to continue writing. Yes, they may not be signed to Penguin Books or any of the other huge book publishers. But they are creators, writers, parents to their own stories.

For over a year, I’ve been reading more independent author books than ones from big companies. The more I’ve read, the more I’ve come to respect them as much as my favorite big publishing houses, authors. I commend these authors by their tenacity, drive, and patience through all they do.

Where am I going with all this? As a writer and a reviewer, I recommend you all to check out more Independent Author’s books. No, I’m not saying “Down with regularly published authors!” Never will I say that! But as a perspective reader who has seen certain writing trends repeated over and over again, some independent author’s stories have proven to be a breath of fresh air to my imagination. 

Support Your Independent Authors/Writers! Make their beloved work be heard! Who knows, they may be the next Bestselling author on the national circuit. 

Happy Reading,



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