C.H.B. ARC Reviews: “Return To Babylon” (Orfeo Saga B.5) By Murray Lee Eiland Jr.

C.H.B. ARC Reviews: “Return To Babylon” (Orfeo Saga B.5) By Murray Lee Eiland Jr.


I have been reading this series for over a year now, but I haven’t talked about it on here till now. As soon as I found out from the author about the fifth installment, I was ready to dive in!

Amazon Description: “Fighting from the Shadows

After the conquest of Babylon the victors installed the daughter of the former king as ruler of that city state. Zinaida is now beginning to feel stirrings of divinity, and seeks vengeance upon the coalition who put her on the throne. One by one surrounding kings are removed. This time there will be no grand coalition to challenge the might of Babylon. The battle will be in the shadows. Zinaida has sent spies to locate Zurga, and she is greatly concerned that he cannot be found. After an attempt on his life, Orfeo and Clarice decide to go directly to Mesopotamia in an attempt to prevent harm coming to their adopted city of Pylos.

The wild card in the equation is a small city not one hundredth the size of Babylon which is located in the lower Tigris. Can the ruler of Araka be persuaded to take on the might of Babylon? Daryush, now ruler of a small kingdom, also decides to meet the threat in an unconventional way. He trains a young apprentice named Cyrus in spycraft. Can smoke and mirrors overcome raw power?”

The whole premise of the series mainly follows the story of Orfeo, from his struggle to connect with his family after returning from being a hostage in the city of Pylos to now being proven a warrior in his own prestigious right. He gathers a partner in crime, so to speak ,named Clarice who brings her own bag of tricks into the mix.

There were a few grammatical errors in the first installment, but the author has improved with each of the novels. I can tell he listens to his audience and uses their feedback in order to make the following novels more enjoyable. Also the historical element in each of the novel enhances the imagery experience, granting readers a front seat view of the past.

In this book, like we all know, the temptation of power can drive a person to make rash movements in making sure their power may not be ripped away. But much like regular politics, some of the biggest wars occur behind closed doors.

Another good installment for a memorable series!

If you’d like to begin this series to catch up with me, you can purchase the first book on Amazon!

My Rating: 8 out of 10 Book Charms!

Happy Reading,



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