My July! What Did I Read Plus Book Haul!

My July! What Did I Read Plus Book Haul!

Throughout this past month, I’ve re-lived my favorite books through audiobooks, began reading three ARC books I’m about to wrap up, and got a great variety of treasures from my local library sale. I’m behind on the reviews, but here is the mother load of my July!

Books I Read


Currently Reading


Book Tag


Book Haul


The one thing I love about my local library’s adult reading program is that for every book you read, movie you watch, or CD you listen too, you can get what they call “Library Bucks” that you can use towards fines and book sales. Combined from last summer and this year, I have accumulated over 200 Library bucks. These never expire so I can use them anytime. When I went to my local library sale this past Sunday, I did not expect to get all the books I found. There is another one coming up and I can’t wait to see what else I may find!


Overall, it’s been a productive month! This month, I plan for it to be even better. Here is to August!

Happy Reading!



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