C.H.B. Reviews Children’s Book: “Meeting of the Mustangs” By Cathy Kennedy

C.H.B. Reviews Children’s Book: “Meeting of the Mustangs” By Cathy Kennedy


It’s rare when I review children’s books. Perhaps I may need to do it more, especially my favorites from childhood. When I think of books from my childhood pertaining to horses, Black Beauty and Seabiscuit immediately come to mind. A couple months ago, I received an email from young writer Cathy Kennedy about her new novel Meeting the Mustangs for an honest review. I dare say, hands down, it is one of the most imagininative books I’ve ever read about horses to this day that is appropriate for both young middle school readers up to adults who adore horses and adventures. It is short, sweet, and is set in a realistic background where children will fall in love with the horses.

The story surrounds the tale of a black colt born into a heard of wild mustangs. At first, we experience the innocence of this young black colt thrust into of the world of the unknown. He is separated from his family, spurring the longing he has to reconnect with his family. His journey does not continue without a variety other challenges and dangers in his midst. One in particular deals with being captured by strangers who force him into captivity for future plans of selling for money.

I’m a huge animal lover hence the millions of pictures of my cat Josie on my Facebook, Instagram, etc.. My heart always breaks hearing the dangers that befall animals whether they are horses or other species. But this story shows that regardless of the trials that befall him, the colt always presses on in his growth both physically and also his personal story.

If you are looking for a new story for your child or even know someone who may enjoy this book, it is available via Amazon.


My Rating: 8 out of 10 Book Charms


Happy Reading!




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