C.H.B. Reviews: “Locked In Time” By Lois Duncan

C.H.B. Reviews: “Locked In Time” By Lois Duncan

Wrapped up another Lois Duncan book the other day! I know, I’m behind in reviewing it, work has been keeping me running. However, I have to say this book is a FANTASTIC upgrade to her book Daughter’s of Eve. It’s almost as if she completely shifted gears and remembered what a good story needs in order to keep her audience glued to it’s contents.


“Locked In Time” takes us into the life of Elinore “Nore” Roberts. Her widowed father picks her up and whisks her away to their new home on a former Confederate plantation called Shadow Grove. As they head their way home, he reveals about his new marriage to a woman named Lisette Berge, a widowed mother with a son and a daughter. Nore is quite shocked since her mother had not been gone for very long. Her father even shipped her away to a boarding school in order for Nore to have a normal life while he tried to find his way back to his screenplay career. I was with Nore with how shocking it was for him to move on that quickly.

The whole novel begins to slowly unravel at how strange it was for her new “family” is. Firstly, the moment Nore and her father reached Shadow Grove, Nore caught sight of her new stepmother. Immediately, Nore is caught off guard for how youthful and beautiful her stepmother appeared. Secondly, her new step-siblings are very strange in how they regard different conversations. Her step-sister Josie, in particular, is only thirteen but acts like she’s older than that. Also I will point out the creepy attraction between Nore and her step-brother Gabe, why? Because it’s creepy! That crosses a line that shouldn’t be crossed, especially by teenagers but I digress.

The other odd detail is how individuals in the town seem to recognize Lisette but they are older and yet remembers her from years ago…also pointing out she nor Josie have aged a day since. Gabe also doesn’t have a drivers license or ID in his wallet. I will also point out, I noticed the kids never talked about school. Aka, something is up.

This is NOT A VAMPIRE BOOK! That is the only mini-spoiler I’ll reveal. This has nothing to do with vampires so erase that idea from your mind. One of the few criticisms I have about it, though, is the big reveal needed to be expanded. Granted, this was released in 1985 when YA novels were more pocket books than anything else. It’s a short, quick read that’s perfect if you’re crunched for time but don’t expect there to be vast descriptions, elongated character developments, nor expanded explanations to important events. Regardless, it’s still a good book.


My Rating: 8 out of 10 Book Charms

Happy Reading!



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