C.H.B. Reviews: “The Other Half” By Jordyn McGuire

C.H.B. Reviews: “The Other Half” By Jordyn McGuire


Title: The Other Half

Author: Jordyn McGuire

Available via: Amazon; Barnes & Noble

Description: When a person turns eighteen, they receive a uniquely shaped half of a necklace. The other half of their necklace goes to their soul mate, the person they are bound to marry someday. It’s been eight years since Devyn received her necklace, and she begins to wonder if she will ever find the person who has the match, the person she is destined to love and marry someday. Without the other necklace and a marriage between her and the owner, there is no hope of a bright future for her. Coupled with her feelings of confusion and her strained relationship with her father, Devyn is on the verge of hopelessness. But in a turn of events, she packs up everything and leaves to follow a possible trail to the other half of her necklace. Throughout her journey, she discovers truths about herself and the necklaces, truths that could alter her life for better or for worse.

My Review

Love is not something you can “match”. Love can’t be planned. Love is a rare, beautiful thing. Love….is not something that can be determined through necklaces.

Devyn, a twenty-six year old surfing instructor, has lived her life being raised upon the idea that her necklace will take her to her true love. According to the community, the necklaces never fails in terms of people being meant for one another. There are even stipulations placed upon women traveling or certain men and women to even eat at a restaurant. In order for them to do so, they must be matches or have their “match” with them. Devyn’s story puts all of this to the test.

Devyn’s parents were not a true match. They constantly fought to the point where her mother eventually abandoned her family altogether. This left Devyn wondering if the necklaces were right in the first place or even if her match exists. Her best friend Mark, always assures her that her match is out there, she just needs to have faith.

Finally, Devyn goes to her town’s center in order to find out more information about her match. Instead of them telling her, they give her instructions to go to another center in Denver where she will get more clues which sends her on an adventure to discover the truth about the identity of her mate.

All in all, the story is pretty good. I feel for Devyn, I really do. It sucks when people who are in your life, even your enemies, seems to be able to have the love of their life when you feel like you’re alone. I have to admire Devyn for jumping into the unknown in order to find her true love. The ending is also one for the books! A love story for anyone to enjoy!


My Review: 9 out of 10 Book Charms


Happy Reading,




**I was given this book in exchange for an honest review, it doesn’t effect my review in any way.**

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