C.H.B. Reviews: “Beautiful Chaos” By Kami Garcia & Margaret Stohl

C.H.B. Reviews: “Beautiful Chaos” By Kami Garcia & Margaret Stohl


I have a big question for the authors of this series. Why do they need to linger on the same details over and over again? I’m dead serious, 1/3 of the second and this third book is merely repeating past events or thoughts over and over again to the point where you need to take Advil in order to continue. Also, why aren’t the characters using their brains?

In the last book (Spoiler Alert), Ridley lost her powers and brought back down to being a mortal. She continues to whine about being such despite her obviously cooking up something behind-the-scenes. If you have read this series or now on this book, you’ll remember that anytime Ridley is sucking on a lollypop, something is going on. Then all of a sudden she is beginning to have certain powers….come on Ethan and Lena. The answer is right in front of you! Especially if you see a GLOW from her room! Hm, let’s see, where did we see that specific glow before? If you have read the second book, you’ll understand why I am still frustrated by how clueless these characters are acting when the answers are obvious.

I’m finding, the more I read these books, the less I’m able to handle them due to the fact that Ethan is still merely WATCHING and not acting like a normal teenage boy. I mean the saving grace for this book is a toss between Link and Ethan’s great aunts. Those old ladies have me rolling in laughter anytime they speak to one another. Link is my other half of comedic relief. Sure, he’s not the smartest person but there are times where I’d rather listen to him than Ethan.

This book, just like the last one, needs to be re-written. I’m in the middle of the fourth one now and so far it’s not impressing me but I’m still pushing on.

Honestly, am I the only one who thinks like this about this series?

Let me know in the comments what you think of it.

My Rating: 5 out of 10 Book Charms

Happy Reading,



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