C.H.B. Reviews: “The Good Girls” By Sarah Shepard

C.H.B. Reviews: “The Good Girls” By Sarah Shepard



The finale of The Perfectionists series unfolded in an unexpected way. At first, I tried to pin point the culprit attempting to frame Mackenzie, Caitlyn, Julie, Ava, and Parker. I narrowed down my suspects to Ashley (wannabe PLL‘s Mona) or some other background person remaining in the wings to be revealed.

The pace of this book is a bit slow for me. The character development is also lacking compared to the first book. It seemed to be a mere rehashing of the first book with a few added minor twists. The conclusion reminded me of a book I read by R.L. Stine called SwitchedRegardless, I didn’t see it coming.

Since Caitlyn moved onto Jeremy, she is beginning to slowly realize he is not happy with her choice to remain on her course with soccer. This barely has any effect on the initial story. It doesn’t help she used to date his brother in the first place and think everything would be hunky dory after that. Nope!

Ava’s boyfriend is sitting in a jail cell after being arrested for the murder of Granger, taking the attention off the girls for at least that framing mishap. Ava is a bit of a roller coaster in this book. Mackenzie goes off the deep end in order to get even with Claire’s betrayal in the first book. Julie is sinking into her depression from Ashley’s heinous activity by revealing her true home location and her mother’s hoarding illness.

Overall, I actually believe this book could have been crammed into one novel. It’d be more appropriate and I think in the best interest of readers, the author should focus on working on standalone novels. Reason being is from what I’ve heard about PLL and this sequel.


My Rating: 6 out of 10 Book Charms

Happy Reading!





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