C.H.B. Reviews: “Rian Field” By Krista Wagner

C.H.B. Reviews: “Rian Field” By Krista Wagner

I received this book a couple months ago from the author for an honest review. I finally finished it recently and I felt extremely close to the main character. 


Amazon Description: Rian Field is living her dream as a Marine Biologist, but when she is attacked by a shark, it triggers memories from the past and changes her understanding of her present world. After surviving the shark attack, Rian Field continues her work at the Institute, determined to live her routine life. But as she attempts to cope with her growing post-traumatic stress outbreaks, she is plagued both by memories of an earlier trauma and a sudden onslaught of mysterious and ominous events. She soon finds herself immersed in an inescapable danger as she suspects that her former assailant is still threatening her life–and may be someone close to her; more disconcerting, though, is the growing certainty that the trauma is somehow connected to the shark attack, compelling Rian to uncover the truth of her past and discover who is after her.


The reason why I mentioned feeling close to the character is her suffering from PTSD. PTSD is something that not just military veterans may suffer. Anyone may obtain this from various trauma. I personally know what it feels like to have flashbacks of past traumatic events you wish you did not have to. Just like the character, the condition may hold you back from your full potential in your life but there are coping mechanisms one can practice in order to move forward.

Rian, is hit with another trauma on top of her past trauma of almost being killed and the death of her unborn baby. This increases her outbreaks and flashbacks of the past. Now, it turns out that the past may be coming back in physical form. As soon as you think things will calm down for her, she is thrown another curve ball in her progress.

The whole novel is filled with tremendous twists and turns around every corner. Readers, keep your mind open and don’t try to figure things out. Chances are, you’ll be shocked regardless. But it’s more fun to watch the events unfold before your eyes. 


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My Rating: 9 1/2 out of 10 Book Charms


Happy Reading!




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