C.H.B. Reviews: Dime Store Magic By Kelley Armstrong

C.H.B. Reviews: Dime Store Magic By Kelley Armstrong


Since it now officially pretty much the beginning of summer, I thought I’d continue on my road of The Otherworld Series. I’ve been behind on writing about the third book due to other books I’m currently reading. Luckily, I finally have a day off of work and I plan on filling up my draft box of reviews, tags, and other goodies for you.

This book bridges off into it’s own story. In the last story, the author used it as a bridge for new characters to cross over and lay down their own personal tales. This one, in particular, picks up on Paige Winterbourne who is still trying to pick up the pieces of her mother’s death from the last book. Paige has also taken in Savannah, the daughter of the half-demon/witch, but the child has brought on a Pandora’s box of problems.

It’s almost like the events that follow come in strikes:

Strike 1: Paige wants to take over her mother’s position in her mother’s coven, but the Elders or leaders reject her proposal. Mainly because Paige is seeking to officially adopt Savannah. Savannah is beginning to show signs of gaining powers which the Coven believes will bring unwanted attention. Despite this minor setback, Paige then convinces herself she is capable of being on her own.

Strike 2: Paige receives word that Leah, a half-demon who betrayed Elena at the compound and revealed to be with the enemies, brings a petition for custody on behalf of Savannah’s father, Kristof Nast. Let me tell you, the information in this book comes in waves so you have the keep up. The Cabals are like part of a long range of high-power sorcerers. Sorcerers look down on witches but in the case of Savannah’s parents, stuff happens, haha. But Kristof is the head of the Nast Cabal which is one of the variety of Sorcerer families. Think of it like The Godfather.

She is granted three days to prove that she is fit to be Savannah’s guardian. Unfortunately, Leah and her goonies set up tricks and traps around Paige’s home in order to set her up and draw attention to her. This brings the attention of the local sheriff, the community, and social services.

Strike 3: She is framed for the murder of a man who had bumped the back of her car. He propositions her in order for the fees to “disappear”. Appalled, she goes straight to his wife who does not really care about Paige’s accusations. She is then set up by Leah to go to his office where Leah uses her powers to murder him, setting Paige up for murder.

It always comes in threes, BUT, Paige’s saving grace comes in the form of sorcerer/lawyer Lucas Cortez. Witches don’t trust sorcerers and since Paige has had recent problems, she doesn’t accept his help. Luckily, he proves his worth and he ties himself to her for better or worse.

This book is pretty intense, especially with information like I said. I consider it a part one of two books. I say that because the second book continues on Paige and Lucas’s story. I won’t spoil what happens in the end of this book but evil get’s it’s just desserts.


My Rating: 7 1/2 out of 10

I miss Elena and Clay, I will not lie, but it’s refreshing to get to know other characters in the world.

Have you read any of this series or the whole series?

What did you think?

Let me know in the comments below!


Happy Reading!




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