May Book Haul/Exchange!

May Book Haul/Exchange!

This month was a long, trying month for me. It was hard to escape to my bookstore to search for goodies. Amongst work I drove long distances, went through a car accident and new car, and family miracles. You can only imagine how much I truly needed an escape. Thankfully it came within the last few days. I came home this last Friday to discover two packages awaiting my arrival.


The first package was sent to me through my book exchange partner for #MissPhyreBookExchange. Now, I have not read neither of these books Bayou Brides or The No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency and wasn’t expecting them. I’m wondering what they may bring me. I’m not used to reading Bride compilation Romance novels anymore, to be honest. I went through this phase when I was 14-15 where I’d read them but not since. Either way, Thank you, Nadia, for them!




The second package, though, had me excitedly jumping around like a mad woman. Josie, my cat, gave me the ruthful judgmental glare that only a fur child could give. About a month or so ago, I spoke to author Sarah Beard about her upcoming novel Beyond the Rising Tide. Just by her description alone hit me dead in the center and I anxiously waited for her pre-release copy. I’m almost finished and let me tell you it is worth the wait! Look for my review on it tomorrow!


Also this past weekend, Half Price Books ran a 20% off sale that I could not ignore! As I traveled between Indiana and Ohio, I stopped at two different ones and loaded up on quite a few goodies:

Despite life throwing endless curveballs, there will always be books.

Have any of you read any of these?

Let me know in the comments below!


Happy Reading!




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