Comic Book Review: “Adventures From My World” By: Julie Averbach

Comic Book Review: “Adventures From My World” By: Julie Averbach

This is my very first comic book review. I received this special comic book in the mail yesterday and I can’t but smile as I write about it today. It is one of those inspirational comic books for children and adults alike. It touched me in a way that it brought tears to my eyes because the world has needed a comic book like this for a long time.


This comic book is written from the perspective of the sibling’s side of the situations they and their families may go through on a daily basis. The contents consist a few stories containing various recurring characters and the new lessons they may present pertain to the interaction, choices, and reaction they have when it comes to their special siblings. But regardless of the struggles they may go through, they adore one another equally.

Iimagen one particular story, the character Abby pens a heartwarming letter to her brother who suffers with autism. Despite him being different and sometimes difficult, she thanks him for the important lessons he teaches just for being himself. She creates a list of the different aspects of her life that have improved just because he is in it but most of all she thanks him for this:

“Teaching Me To Love Others Just The Way They Are.”

This small strip made my eyes well up with tears. This whole book was written by a girl with truly a loving heart and teaching mentality. Artists Petterson Oliveira, Vanessa Solis, and Dov Smiley bring Julie’s characters to life through vibrant colors and realistic actions on paper for readers to easily follow along.


This comic book series is currently being used by the Child and Family Wellness Center located in Lexington, KY and various other centers. If you’d like more information about this comic book series, like a copy, or keep updated on the events and volumes, you can click here.

For each purchase, the profits are donated to a 501(c)(3) organization supporting individuals with special needs.


Truly earned a Rating: 10 out of 10 Book Charms


If you know someone or have a special needs child in your life, this comic book will warm your heart and lift your spirits!

Happy Reading!



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