C.H.B. Reviews: Storm Born (Dark Swan #1) By Richelle Mead

C.H.B. Reviews: Storm Born (Dark Swan #1) By Richelle Mead


I have been meaning to review Storm Born for awhile now. Richelle Mead fans are mostly familiar with the Vampire Academy and it’s spin-off series. I am one of those fans who has been reading her books since high school. On the other hand, I enjoy her adult novels. Almost slightly more than her YA novels. I know it may sound crazy, but it’s true.

20160509_104853.jpgI recently picked up Soundless at the library and planning to start reading it this week. I’ve heard both positive and negative reviews on this book. At the time I read Storm Born, I had looked up what others had said about it. The reviews I read for this book are similar to Soundless. Even though I’m a reviewer, it’s up to you, the Reader, to decide whether the novel is worth reading or not. With Storm Born, I’m thankful I pushed out the reviews I discovered and read the book myself.

Storm Born is the first book in the Dark Swan Series which surrounds shaman Eugenie Markham who makes her living by being hired by humans to banish spirits and mythological gentry who traipse their way into the human dimension. She finds herself in a bind when a concerned college boy, pleads for her to rescue his sister from another dimension.

In short, Eugenie’s origins are shrouded in mystery. Her mother had been kidnapped and impregnated by a high gentry later to be rescued by Eugenie’s current shaman step-father. Hearing of her new assignment, he warns her to leave this one alone. This trope is way too common in books when we all know when a protagonist is told not to do something….they do it! I think it should be officially placed in the, “Protagonist Code of Conduct” Rule Book for writers.

Through the book, Eugenie feels an odd presence following her in the form of a mysterious fox. It’s later revealed that a future date she meets while waiting at a bar, is this little furry friend. Half human/half Katsune (fox demon) Kiyo becomes her companion, more or less, for the rest of the book.however, het come face-to-face with Eugenie’s non-human wannabe suiters who want to impregnate her with a mythical child who is prophesied to bring magnificent power. Gotta love those prophecies, am I right?

Some may argue that Eugenie has no personality or makes ridiculous decisions. To me, though, she is a woman trying to figure out who she is, escape creepy mythological creatures, and stay alive. That above all should constitute her as a fighter who has the personality of one. I personally like her as a character and am looking forward to locating the other books in this series!

Richelle Mead fans, if you haven’t read this series of hers, you need to read them! If you have read them, tell me what you thought of them in the comments!


My Rating: 7 1/2 out of 10 Book Charms


Happy Reading!



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