Charmed Haven Book Reviews: “Confessions” series by: James Patterson & Maxine Paetro

Charmed Haven Book Reviews: “Confessions” series by: James Patterson & Maxine Paetro


Sorry for the silence….it’s been a very trying time on my end. When life hits you hard, it seems like many things smash into pieces all at once. I’ve had a hard time reading anything for the past two weeks, but after a quick trip to the library, I noticed that the latest installment of the Confessions series by James Patterson and Maxine Paetro was finally on the shelf. I started the series last year and in all honesty, ticked at the last book. But I longed for an escape from my reality, so I bit.

The whole series surrounds the life of Tandoori Angel and her family of chemically-enhanced misfits. The first book started you off with her parent’s mysterious death. Her father, owner of a prestigious pharmaceutical company, and her mother, a conniving lawyer, raised their children to be nothing but successful.

The way they raised these children is quite appalling. They were basically machines and when they didn’t do something right no matter how tiny it was, they were forced to take punishments in the form of writing extensive papers, having to memorize a language in a short span of time, or others that a normal child would not go through. The fact that they died (and the end result that is revealed at the end of book 1) is not surprising to me.

The other books consist of the children transforming in different ways as a result of them not taking the drugs consistently like they had while their parents were alive. They go through financial struggles due to their mother’s company being sued, leaving them practically penniless. That is until their “saving grace” arrives in the form of an unknown military uncle from their father’s side. They learn their grandmother, whom they never met, had saved up an inheritance for each of them. The only condition is, however, is they cannot bring disgrace to the family name. This is only me covering one small part of these books.

We go through the motions of Tandoori falling to pieces, in a way, before our eyes. In the first book, she is unable to cry nor present any emotion. By book four, she is riddled with mental trauma, teenage angst, and a broken heart. Through book one to three, she is slightly obsessed over a boy she “fell in love with” then was whisked away into a mental hospital where she experienced shock therapy in order to forget. Reason being is because his father is the head of a major corporation who hated her father, it’s all too complicated to explain.



I’m not going to go through this aspect of the series because it’s all angering to me. Why? Because all book three was about was practically this! The series was going great until book three came along. I try to pretend it didn’t exist because it’s as if the writers were scrambling for ideas and had to pick the biggest cliches to play with and mash it up with a worthless attempt at a possible love angle.

The mystery aspect of the series is great! Now, if the last two books were like the first two, it would have made it phenomenal. This final book (hopefully final) tied up the loose strings enough for readers to be satisfied. Me, on the other hand, I could NOT get over the third book. Sure, the final book had it’s positives but the third already destroyed any hope I had within the series. If the third book hadn’t existed, I’d absolutely recommend this series. If you haven’t read it yet, SKIP THE THIRD BOOK! Not worth it!

My Rating:

Confessions of a Murder Suspect: 8 out of 10 Book Charms

Confessions: The Private School Murders: 8 1/2 out of 10 Book Charms

Confessions: The Paris Mysteries: 2 out of 10 Book Charms

Confessions: The Murder of An Angel: 8 our of 10 Book Charms


Do you have any book suggestions? Let me know in the comments!

Happy Reading!




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