Reviewing The Classics: “Anne of Green Gables” By L.M. Montgomery

Reviewing The Classics: “Anne of Green Gables” By L.M. Montgomery


anne-of-green-gables.jpgWhen you have a hard week, like me, it’s times like these you look to the classics for comfort. Anne Shirley, is my comfort right now. Anne and I go way back to when I was in fifth grade. We were “kindred spirits” from the beginning of her story as an orphan girl mistakenly sent to a family at a train station to the the very end of her series with her family on Prince Edward Island.

For those who haven’t read this beloved series or even the first novel, you need to immediately. Anne is truly a character who can make even the most timid book character walk away in shame. Although she had her rough spots, she would always pick up the pieces and jump right back up again. If I could, I’d love for Anne to be a living, breathing person. Think about the adventures one could have with this girl?

For newbies, Anne Shirley is mistakently sent to live with elderly siblings Marella and Matthew Cuthbert. Originally, they had wanted a boy in order to help Matthew on their family farm. Imagine the surprise on quiet Matthew Cuthert’s face when he discovered the child awaiting him at the train station was indeed not a boy but a girl. This is where the adventures of Anne began.

We watch Anne grow up through the pages and her new family grow very fond of her. Anne is known to have a wild imagination and this often gets her into trouble. You ever had that moment of your life where you wanted to attempt to dye your hair with a cheap dye and you receive the opposite results? Anne wanted to be different, to be accepted by everyone around her and instead she ends up with green hair!

There are plenty of lessons to be learned throughout not only this book but the whole series. Whether you are in your mid-teens or late twenties, Anne Shirley’s stories never wear out. In all honesty, they get better with age.


10 out of 10 Book Charms!


Happy Reading!



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