Novel Female Heroines: My Personal Thoughts

Novel Female Heroines: My Personal Thoughts

Hungergames_posterBefore I read The Hunger Games or even saw the movies, I remembered when they were growing in popularity about five years ago and kind of got a bit annoyed. It wasn’t annoyed with the books or films, but it was how the girls around me were portraying Katniss. They thought they were her and could be her when they were completely the opposite and butchered the character.

I’m not rude or mean, but one thing you never do is butcher a Female Heroine. I do have my personal issues with Katniss in how she handles her situation but that can be for another post. This tale is all about the current Female Heroines compared to Heroines of past novels.

Throughout the last ten years, Female Heroines have been re-written in too many ways in my book. They mostly either have to have a love triangle or a love interest, period. Yes, it adds a romantic element to the story, but it does not have to happen in the majority of series today! I miss the stories where the Female Heroine did not think about another man or was worried about them. Instead, they were worried about the task at hand and the people they are protecting.

It may be only me who feels this way, I don’t know. Any other reader I’ve spoken too enjoys that romantic element of the novel. Me, I am more interested in the story more so than the romance, now. I enjoy romance, yes, but not the same kind of romance elements repeated endlessly. There are certain writers who need to tweak their romantic element formula.

Am I the only one who feels this way? Let me know in the comments!

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