Charmed Haven Book Reviews “Stake That!” By: Mari Mancusi

Charmed Haven Book Reviews “Stake That!” By: Mari Mancusi


If many of you were teens back in 2004-2011, you’ll remember the vampire craze. Aside from the obvious Twilight series, other authors took up the challenge to write their own vampire-themed series. Different talented authors, who were around before the Twilight series came on the scene, finally received their time during this time period. Stake That! by Mari Mancusi, was not one of those novels.

As a sequel to Boys That Bite, you didn’t need to read the previous novel in order to understand what was going on in this world. The language, the lack of evolved social technology, and the clothes made me think I was a teenager again. I’ve read previous reviews on this series and they aren’t positive compared to it’s initial release. Understandable, in a way, because teenagers today on a whole different level than when I was one.

To be honest, sometimes teenagers (at least the teenagers around my location) make me feel like this:image

However, I will point out, that this book has more “likes” in between sentences than the majority of teens these days. I had to skip through a bunch of the dialogue because they were loaded with this word. I am afraid almost 45% of the book is made up of it. Makes sense as to why I only read in a few hours….

The story is based around identical twins Sunny and Rayne McDonald. Rayne, a goth vampire obsessed 16-year-old, tells her elaborate story through her blog (go figure). She recaps over the events of the first novel about her sister Sunny being mistaken for Rayne and is accidentally bitten by the vampire who was originally going to be her “blood mate”. Blood mates are the equivalent’s to a soul mate only in this series, vampires have zero souls, go through elaborate DNA tests in order to make sure the mates are compatible, and there is a waiting list on getting a blood mate. Long story short, Sunny is now back to being human (complicated) and Rayne has now been officially named the new “Chosen One” vampire slayer.

The whole ground work of the book is through Rayne’s blog. She also adds various I’M chat conversations from her World of Warcraft game, AOL I’M, and short texts. Ah, the life before all of this was scrunched up into text messages and game I’M conversations became spoken through head sets. Told you, it’s a time warp.

If you get passed the language and annoying vampire test cliche’s, this is actually a decent novel. I am going to attempt to track down the first and third novel to try to get into the story more. Other than that, I’d recommend if you try to read this to remind yourself that this was ten years ago. Wow, this was ten years ago….being twenty-three and saying that is making me feel sort of old.

5.5 out of 10 Book Charms! It was the “likes” and cliches that killed it.

If anyone else read this back then or even recently, let’s discuss it! Tell me what you thought of it or if you’re thinking about trying to read it in the comments below.

Happy Reading!



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