Library Sale Story: March

Library Sale Story: March

Hi Everyone,

If you are a book lover like me then you may or may not attend monthly or annual book sales to stock up on new reading material. I know anytime I find out one of the libraries near me has one, I jump at the chance at being one of the first people though the door.

I had the opportunity to attend one on my birthday a few weeks ago. Despite it being a cold, rainy day and me having the flu, I got out of bed to browse through the aisles of the sale. Since I showed up on the second day, much had been cleared by previous shoppers but luckily there were a few books left behind which caught my eye.

1. Stake That! (A Blood Coven Novel) By: Mari Mancusi


I originally read an excerpt of this book back in high school and always wanted to get it! Almost ten years later, I discovered it underneath a pile of Sweet Valley High novels. I could not believe my eyes when I found it especially since it looked like it had never been read. Rest assured, I will definitely be reading and giving this a review very soon! 

2. Dark Hollow By: Brian Keene


I just recently found out this was adapted into a film. After I had read the synopsis when I found it, I can understand why. An ancient evil lurks in the wilderness where a writer discovers it’s identity and origins. I could not help but pick it up!

Unfortunately, that was all I found at the sale. I heard there is another one this upcoming month so there is that to look forward too. Hoping the next visit will reap greater options!

Happy Reading!




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