Charmed Book Haven Reviews: “Alice In Zombieland” By: Gena Showalter

Charmed Book Haven Reviews: “Alice In Zombieland” By: Gena Showalter


Down into the proverbial rabbit hole, so to speak. I wonder what Alice in Wonderland fans are called? Wonderlanders? Mad Hatters? Seriously, whatever they are called, I am one of them! I grew up watching Disney and Hallmark’s film adaptions of Lewis Caroll’s psychidelic yet ageless classic of the little girl who chased the white rabbit into a world where the opposite was accepted as truth and the absurd became reality.

I’ve often wondered what it would be like for Alice’s world to be transformed into a horror tale of sorts. Around 2012, author Gena Showalter took on this challenge to the Young Adult crowd with Alice in Zombieland. I recently finished the third book last month but I could not help but write a review on the first book today.

The story is focused on the life of Alice Bell who lives with her alcoholic father, somewhat sad mother, and lovable, quite imaginative little sister Emma. Her family. though, is not what you’d call “normal”. Her and her little sister were never allowed to go out after dark which resulted in them barely having any friends. Her little sister loved to dance and had an upcoming dance recital she longed to attend. However, her father’s rules stood that they must not attend anything after dark.

Why? Why is Mr. Bell so strict? Zombies, were the answer. Only, these zombies were not the run of the mill type of zombies. These ones could only bee seen by certain people, including her father. Alice thinks her father is crazy despite her never seeing them and their house being reinforced in order to “protect” them. On the night of her 16th birthday, she wins her family over in order for them to attend her sister’s recital since it was after all Alice’s birthday. 

Upon leaving the recital, her father freaks out and loses control of the car, crashing it. Her mother, father, and Emma die. The problem, on the other hand, is that Alice watched her mother get killed by these zombies who suddenly appeared in her sight. Not long after, she wakes up in the hospital to be welcomed by Kat (like Cheshire Kat) a current patient there. Long story short, she begins to live with her grandparents, go to a new school, and becomes friends with Kat and her group.

Her first day of school, though, she meets Cole Holland. As soon as they lock eyes, she’s transported into a vision of sorts where her and Cole are together. You can guess what happens later on when it comes to this. 

The story is very creative with the characters and how it all laid out. It had draggy predictable parts but overall a decent read. 8 1/2 out of 10 Book Charms. The rest of the series is worth the read. I still need to read the final installment, though.

What are your thoughts on this book? On the series? Let me know in the comments!

Happy Reading!



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