The “Rip It or Ship It!” Tag

The “Rip It or Ship It!” Tag

I found this cute tag on quirkyandpeculiar‘s blog. I guess it’s been going around so I guess I’d give a try! If you want to try it out, you can pick your own favorite characters from your favorite books.

Names In The Hat:

  • Cole Holland – The White Rabbit Chronicles
  • Claire Danvers – The Morganville Vampires
  • Jeremy Blade – The Real Vampires Series
  • Hermione Granger – Harry Potter Series
  • Katniss Everdeen – The Hunger Games Trilogy
  • Riley Jenson – Riley Jensen Guardian Series
  • Magnus Bane – The Mortal Instruments Series
  • Damen Auguste – The Immortals Series
  • Stevie Rae – House of Night Series
  • Sookie Stackhouse – Sookie Stackhouse Novels
  • Wolf – The Lunar Chronicles
  • Clay Danvers – The Otherworld Series

Yes, there are a lot of Supernatural characters at play in this mash-up, but I threw in two humans into the mix so here we go!

1. Damen Auguste and Jeremy Blade-Rip It!

Ok, I am not against same-sex book couples but these guys in particular, I do NOT ship! Damen Auguste has as many secrets as Jeremy Blade does. Damen is an immortal through alchemy and Jeremy is a vampire by birth, another knock. Plus their personalities would clash, especially if Jeremy knew about Damen’s story. Also, if I would think about their partners switching places, I know it wouldn’t work either. Glory would need her space but Ever, on the other hand, she actually may revel in Jeremy’s attention. Anyhow, RIP!

2. Clay Danvers and Hermione Granger-Ship It!

If your are not familiar with the Otherworld Series, I wrote about them in two previous book reviews you can check out. If you don’t know about the Harry Potter world, how? Now Clay and Hermione are both strong people. Hermione reminds me of Elena from Bitten by how strong she is as a woman,extremely smart, doesn’t take crap, has great power and she knows how to use it, and fights for her friends.

Clay, Clay is not like Ron Weasley but is strong and a fighter. He loves his woman and family and would do anything for them. He gave Elena her space when she needed it which Hermione would need that on occasion. He loves a good race or a challenge which Hermione could give him one. I honestly think they could learn a lot from one another. Also, I’d love to see the banter between these two. Ah, love couple banter.


3. Magnus Bane and Stevie Rae-Rip It!

This one should be short, sweet, and simple. NO! People may disagree with me on this but to me, this would not work. Bane is too sneaky and meticulous for Stevie Rae. Stevie Rae is innocent, lovely, and strong but Bane just wouldn’t work. I doubt she’d be able to put up with him. Next!

4. Cole Holland and Claire Danvers-Ship It!

This is easy as well. Total Ship! Think about it, they are both humans fighting for survival in a monster-ridden world who is absolutely oblivious to the dangers happening around them. They have partners who fight next to them through monsters, humans, and whatever might come at them. Claire could also compliment Cole in smarts, banter, and combat. All-around power couple possibility, if you ask me.

5. Wolf and Katniss Everdeen-Rip It!

I think they would clash. Katniss is too much of a warrior and so is Wolf. Sure, they come from two Dystopian universes but they just wouldn’t work for me. Wolf could teach her hand-to-hand combat but that’s the extent. It would only be on a coaching basis, much like Cinder.

6. Riley Jenson and Sookie Stackhouse-Rip It!

These two would be better friends than lovers or otherwise. Neither one have shown interest in the same sex. They both are fighters in their own way. Riley and Sookie both have relationship problems on too similar scales. Riley, a werewolf-vampire hybrid, is tied between those two worlds in relationships and so is Sookie. They could share it but I don’t think if they would be a couple, it would work and match up. They are too stubborn in their ways. They’d have more fights than anything else.


That was quite a list! I tag all those readers out there to do this challenge! It’s fun, quite difficult in a way, but it’ll get your brain working in the morning. Do you agree with my Rip or Ship?

Let me know!

Happy Reading!


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