The Life Of an Avid Reader/Book Addict-a Love Story

The Life Of an Avid Reader/Book Addict-a Love Story

Hi, it’s me again, that 23-year-old woman living in her Haven filled with Charmed Books!


If you are just now looking at my blog for the very first time, welcome! If you’ve stuck with me and still like what you see, thank you! It’s a wild road where I drink tea, read books, and try to compose all my thoughts on the novels into words. Not as easy as one may think! This article is more of a “get to know” article, more than my welcome page offers.Today, I felt it’d be interesting to open up the floodgates of my mind and let it flow out onto the screen. Poetic in a non-creepy way, I assure you.

Anyway, into the life of an Avid Read or in my case a Book Addict. Where does it all begin? When is the exact moment you recall you had your “love-at-first-book moment”? Some of us can’t even remember it, it just happened. My story actually draws way back to when I was around three or four, back to the libraries of the 90s.

Books on Tape

4f997e496de54a29165b1bb9f855ba43Back when I’d visit my grandma every other weekend in Columbus, OH, she’d take me to the library and let me pick out at least 3 Books on Tape bags. These were usually placed in these big blue bags with a clear, plastic front, proudly displaying the contents within. I cannot tell you how excited I was whenever this took place. I would listen intently to the book adapted Disney stories, fairy tales, Star Wars, and many more. Aside from that, my local day care center has these along with records (yes, they did) where they’d play them in order to keep us rowdy children quiet. Not me, it didn’t keep me quiet for the sake of quiet sake. It kept me quiet because I was drawn into the stories. These precious stories that made me forget the bullying, my crazy family life, and above all made me escape to my own world of happiness.

Chapter Books

645224When first grade came, it was the time that stands out most in my mind when it came to admiring books. Mainly because it’s when I began to truly read and understand what I was reading. At first, I had difficulty sounding out the words or making them out. Then my brain began picking out the similar endings amongst different words and WALLAH! I adapted, as strange as that sounds. But while this took place, my school’s librarian would read to us weekly. The main book I can recall that stuck in my brain was a pretty dated book entitled HELP! I’m Trapped In the Library by Eth Clifford. From then on, I kept wanting to read more books.


tumblr_lina1fHdUR1qh9xsno1_400Unlike the girls my age interested in reading the sappy (sorry) American Girl Doll stories, I was more interested in mysteries and monster stories. These ranged from The Baily School Kids series, The Boxcar Children series, Goosebumps and Fear Street series, Nancy Drew series, Buffy The Vampire Slayer and Angel television adapted novels, and the odd-ball Charlotte’s Web. Those days, I longed for my school and day care’s “Library Day” where we kids would be allowed to check out at least 1-3 books of our children. From the age of 7-14, I loved roaming through the libraries and discovering these treasures along with other stowaways recommended during the Summer Reading Programs.


From 14 to now, my book tastes have expanded greatly. I’m not catching up on what’s coming our today from Paranormal Romance to Action Thrillers. I never used to be into a lot of the novels I’ve come to love today. That’s the point of being a reader, you never know if you might like a new genre. There are more authors reverting to having their stories independently published without going through major conglomerate publishing houses. Regardless of who may publish the story, much like different genres, you may find your new favorite novel not on book store shelves but on your Kindle, instead.

What is your “love-at-first-book” moment?

Let me know in the comments below!

Happy Reading and Keep Being the Book Addiction Alive!



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