“Colour” (The Miracles and Million Saga 2) By: Ella Carmichael

“Colour” (The Miracles and Million Saga 2) By: Ella Carmichael

Miracles happen in the most unexpected ways….and occur at anytime. Yesterday, I penned about Dorothy Lyle’s miracle in “Avarice” and today I recently completed the next chapter of her story in Ella Charmichael’s “Colour”. This series has laid down the foundation of how someone’s life may be transformed from ordinary to extraordinary in a matter of a night. It has also displayed how much a person’s attitude toward material things may change as well as the people surrounding them. This second book takes on a darker shadow compared to the first book.

We see Dorothy Lyle again about five months later from the events of the first book. She is now no longer the depressed 40 year old divorcee mother of two, living in Shankill, Ireland. She has become an incredibly rich woman who is splurging her riches on her family, friends, and has her own mansion under construction. The downside that I’m beginning to see, though, is that her life is now all about spending, spending, and spending money. Yes, she has financial advisors and investments but I still do not think it was a good idea.

The beginning of the story sets in on Horace, her former neighbor, in his perspective on the whole ordeal and how Dorothy has changed. In his mind, she has gone “mad” with splurging with trips, material things, and having a complete mansion built. I must agree with him after reading a letter Dorothy sent him, penning about her endeavors and plans once she and her friend returned from their excursion in Rome.

Aside from those details, it took it a bit for events to pick up in this book. Dorothy becomes curious one day and consults a tarot card reader for insight on her future. The results uncovered were of a future filled with love but anguish would soon plague her current status. The moment I read this, my mind began to race with questions on how this situation would come to pass or how it may be solved. Very soon, Dorothy discovered she is being stalked by a mysterious man who no one seems to be able to pin down. 

She begins making risky financial deals and meeting new people in the midst of the terror nagging at her. The story begins to pick up speed with our protagonist and us readers what may happen next! This book earned 9 1/2 out of 10 Book Charms!
Happy Reading!



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