“Hunted” (The Miracles and Millions Saga 4) By: Ella Carmichael

“Hunted” (The Miracles and Millions Saga 4) By: Ella Carmichael


“Whether tis nobler in the mind to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune Or take up arms against a sea of troubles And, by opposing, end them?”

-William Shakespeare ‘Hamlet’

Time to suit up for protection…..if you’ve been following along with these reviews and are finally up to speed with this book, you know why it’s time to suit up. The prologue at the beginning of this book is enough to prepare you for the rest of the book.

If you need to catch up on this series, you can read my last three reviews on this series here, here, and here. For Dorthy Lyle, a millionaire who won her earnings through the lottery, has accomplished quite a bit up to this point. At forty, she now lives in a mansion, has plenty of friends, has body guards, and love is on the horizon for her. Alas, her stalker remains un-caught and unknown. She still receives threats through mail and such and now has hired ex-Navy SEAL, Jack Maddox, in order to protect her from harm.

I will point out, each one of these books after the first one, have included her former neighbor Horace’s outlook on what has transpired in Dorothy’s life. Its almost as if he’s in charge of getting us “up to speed” on what has transpired in the silence or if you’ve missed out on what’s been going on, he catches you up quickly with his personal opinion attached.

Much like the rest, you can’t have Dorothy around without some humor added to the mix. Although drama has leeched onto her life, she remains quite trustworthy of those around her. The new character, Jack, has added a refreshingly new take on the situation. It is his solemn duty to protect Dorothy and yet he is personally guarding his own self. I honestly admire Jack throughout the book and the author has created him in a way where you want him to stick around no matter what may occur.

This fourth book is packed full with action, thrills, and twists to keep you in your seat. All of these books have a unique voice to them from the first book to this one. The progression of Dorothy’s life is astonishing considering the majority of these events are happening within the same year. Author Ella Carmichael has created this character you can’t help be care about and want her protected. Yes, some of the decisions she makes are questionable; however, you have to admire her from not stopping and hiding despite someone after her.

9 1/2 out of 10 Book Charms!

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