“Help” (The Miracles and Million Saga 3) By: Ella Carmichael

“Help” (The Miracles and Million Saga 3) By: Ella Carmichael

Mansions can speak volumes about the individual’s bank account. That is, unless you are Dorothy Lyle. If you are now just joining me on this journey and need to catch up, you can read my first two reviews on this series here and here.

Up to now, Dorothy has made a complete life change. She’s won the lottery, built a mansion, and now is living how she sees fit. Her friends are worried about her, though, since Dorothy has withdrawn from them quite a bit. They only individual she truly talks about her life too is her former neighbor Horace.

Much like the last book, Horace reflects on Dorothy’s change from then to now. I swear Horace and I are on the same wavelength on how we feel about her change. The way author Ella Carmichael uses imagery on Horace’s side of the spectrum is an exact opposite to the life Dorothy is living. Dorothy is living her life spending her money on expensive things and living in high class while Horace is struggling to make ends meet, living in a unstable home. Dorothy used to bring over leftovers for him or sit and enjoy one another’s company. Now, he’s having a hard time purchasing food for himself and his dog.

On the other side of the coin, Dorothy’s stalker from the last book is still lurking in the shadows, sending threats to her along the way. Dorothy now is surrounded by body guards, protecting her from any possible harm especially since the news about her good fortune about to be spread around the world. Like the domino effect, those who once formerly had contact with Dorothy, they believe she will give them money at the turn of the year.

This series keeps increasing in humor, suspense with Dorothy’s stalker, and showing how quickly people can change once discovering someone by them has money. I give this book 9 1/2 Book Charms out of 10. I’m ready to move onto the next book! Be on the look out for my review of the next installment tomorrow!

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