“Dorothy Lyle In Avarice” (The Miracles and Million Saga 1) By: Ella Carmichael

“Dorothy Lyle In Avarice” (The Miracles and Million Saga 1) By: Ella Carmichael


Spring is about to break through the harsh, chilly winter winds to bring us the greenery fineness many hold dear. March is around the corner, too. Thinking of all these brings me to this books series I’ll be reviewing over the next few days. For my friend’s here in the United States and Europe, stap yourselves in for an adventure awaiting in the country of Ireland.

Dorothy Lyle, our protagonist, brings us along on her journey in Avarice by Ella Carmichael. The story takes place in 2011 with Dorothy celebrating her 40th birthday in her own. Her twin children are away studying at a university away from home. Her friends are celebrating their personal festivities amongst themselves. Then there is Dorothy. She makes a conscious decision to swear off men and ponder what she has accomplished up to this point in her life. I honestly felt sorry for Dorothy in many aspects of her rough past with her family and other circumstances she could have prevented by believing in her psychic feelings. Despite psychic visions/feelings, she had married and divorced, and kept her ability underwraps and worked as a Receptionist. Never, in her life, did she expect for her change with something so simple as buying a ticket and winning the jackpot of a lifetime: The Lottery.

At first, Dorothy wants to keep it all a secret from the public and begins her plans on getting out of her small home and live however she saw fit. Soon enough, she began to graciously donate some of her winnings to her friends and family. As this story unfolded, my compassion for Dorothy transformed into admiration.

This book has won the jackpot with a 10 out of 10 Book Charms. Dorothy’s journey has only just begun. Still makes me wonder if she’s going to remain this way. Highly recommend this book! It is actually located currently for free on Amazon, click the link to get your own copy and join me on reading about Dorothy’s new journey: http://Dorothy Lyle in Avarice (The Miracles & Millions Saga Book 1) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B016F94ZSC/ref=cm_sw_r_other_awd_YC0Zwb3G9164A

Happy Reading!



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