“Save The Last Bullet For God” By: JT ALBLOOD

“Save The Last Bullet For God” By: JT ALBLOOD


Aliens…..cospiracies…..put those two together, what do you think of? If you said X-Files, we are on similar pages. But suppose we went back in time to World War II and discovered there was a deeper agenda taking place during the war. Now, now, I’m not crazy nor trying to plant ideas. This actually leads me to the first book of this series.

“Save The Last Bullet For God” left me in a bind after I finished. History buffs and WW II can agree with me that a tremendous amount of occasions occurred during that time. This book discusses things occuring aside from what we understand. These occurances happen to be aliens.

We begin the story with psychologist Wilhelm Reich laying the foundation for the “future” of events in the novel by describing his meeting of a mysterious young woman named Maria Osaric. She opened his world to the possibility of Aliens existing by revealing her conversations with them within her brain. You and I both would immediately come to the conclusion she has mental problems. Wilhelm, blinded by love, believes otherwise and leads the rest of his life studying an ancient text Maria gives him to cypher. 50 years later, an individual named Oktay uncovers Wihelm’s discoveries and they in turn send him on obsessive trail of uncovering one of the biggest mysteries in our world’s history. Do Aliens truly exist? Where are they? Can things we discover today be hidden only then to be discovered in the present which in turn affect our future?

This is much like the Davinci Code filled with facts and instances you actually want to ponder upon even after finishing the novel. My mind felt like a fresh pan of scrambled eggs within reading the first one hundred pages. There were times I had to put it down in order to set my head back in place before reading again. Although I enjoy mind-bending books, this one kept me going through the endless cycle of having to put it down, clear brain, pick it up, read, put it down, clear brain, and so on it went.

If you enjoy books that challenge your brain, deal with controversial topics within our history, or just enjoy Science Fiction-try this book on for size. It’s only the first book but it will not leave you disappointed in the mind blowing department.

I’m giving this book 9 out of 10 Book Charms. Only 9 because I kept having to  put it down and get some air. I love challenging books but there’s a time when you want to scream for the book to back off a little. If you love those kinds of books, though, you can disagree with my statement.

Moulder and Scully, here’s a run for your money!

Happy Reading!



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