“Keep The Ghost” By: Scott Kelly

“Keep The Ghost” By: Scott Kelly


I’ve been browsing among the different independent writer sites last week for something new and fresh to read outside of the popular book realm. I didn’t want to read another dystopian genre series or anything looking remotely close to what is popular right now. I craved a story that could send goosebumps across my skin from how things rapidly fell apart, making you wonder if this was fiction or maybe something deeper. I found such a book from author Scott Kelly.

Now, from what it appeared, Scott Kelly has numerous popular stories across the Wattpad app. One story in particular caught my eye immediately. It is a story about an Irish exchange student, Sean Reilly, who is transformed from an ordinary teenage boy into a “Ghost” of sorts.

image It all began with his American “family.” Actually, their daughter Kayla. She painted this picture to Sean. More accurately, she told him she wanted to kill herself. Not in the way we usually think that entails, no, instead she wanted to kill her “ghost” which is a fancy way of faking her death and creating a brand new identity for herself. Kayla had everything planned, people she was going to go with, and a way where no one would question that her death was “accidental.” That is, it was supposed to work.

Very soon, Kayla rides off into the sunset on her jet ski, leaving Sean with instructions on what was to come including him awaiting a text from her to let him know she was alright. Only, the call never comes. The police become involved and Kayla is found dead with her throat slashed and Sean is left as the prime suspect. Eventually, Kayla’s “friends” come out of the wood work and Sean’s world begins to quickly turn upside down.

Thrills, Lies, Fraud, Manipulation, and Death are embedded within the story. At first, I thought this book was going to be about supernatural spirits. Instead, I’m floored with a world riddled with secrecy and action that would have anyone hanging on till the BAD cliff hanger ending. I can’t tell you how empty I felt after finishing this first book and felt nipped because I thought there would be more. Well played, Scott, well played.

This book has graciously earned 9 1/2 out of 10 Book Charms. I knocked it down half a star because there is a pretty uncomfortable scene involving Sean. I’m not easily disturbed but it did in a way I didn’t need to imagine. If you are looking for a gripping novel, I’m serving it to you on a silver platter.
Happy Reading!


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