“The Death of Ink” (Book One) By:M.M. John

“The Death of Ink” (Book One) By:M.M. John

“The Death of Ink” is a remarkable piece of work that I can only describe as phenomenal. The title in it of itself explains the death of a thought or a dream captured upon pages expressed in ink. 41mXgO0mpIL._SX311_BO1,204,203,200_In a way, it describes quite a bit about our protagonist’s story. Author M.M. John tells the story of a teenage girl named Paige whose lifelong dream is to become a writer.

She lives with her grandmother, a hard older woman, who does not believe that being a writer is a valid career choice. Then along comes Devon. Devon opens the doors for Paige to go through in order to achieve her lifelong dream. She mistakenly comes across Devon’s own series of short stories which open her eyes to a secret world she is not supposed to see.

Everyone has their secrets, especially Devon. Paige wants to know more about Devon and uncover the truth that lies behind the “Ink”. Then again when it comes to her dreams, everything comes with a price. Will it be sweet and poetic or harmful and deadly?

The imagery within the novel is immaculate. Each scene was written in such a way where everything you read, you can see it play out in your brain like a film. Only, you are Paige and in the driver’s seat experiencing it all and it’s a continuous ride with no signs of stopping till the last page. The story stands out on it’s own, without any ties to any others I’ve read.

This book is filled with mystery, suspense, thrills, and an ending that will have you running to grab the sequel. 10 out 0f 10 Book Charms! If you’re looking for a coming of age YA Novel that is unique and stands out on it’s own, this is the one for you!


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