“How To Grow An Addict” By: J.A. Wright

“How To Grow An Addict” By: J.A. Wright

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Addiction is a very strong word. Today, we hear it very often pertaining to drugs and alcohol. It’s not the healthy kind of addiction like reading or writing. It changes your body by breaking it down while breaking the relationships you have around you. People have different reasons why they are addicted to substances. Some it’s to enhance their social life. Other people use it as an escape route to daily life. Then, there are people who use it as their own type of medicine to forget about abuse, rape, and other terrible things that no one would want to remember.

This book is about all of the above. I was extremely fortunate enough to receive a personal copy from the author herself. The author pours her heart and soul into this novel through the eyes of Randall Grange. Randall has found herself in the middle of rehab amongst other addicts much like herself. Her counselor remarks that everyone has three secrets they hold deep within their hearts. Randall, though, has a hard time with releasing her secrets. She knows she is not like the other people in her circle.

This book gets very deep into the heart of an addict. Randall was raised by two addicts one one side and an aunt and uncle who wanted what was best for her on the other, it’s sad to see what side she chose. Her brother along with the other men she comes into contact with send push her even father down into spiral. Now at the age of twenty-three, she is now at her very own rock bottom and the beginning of her path to recovery.

Each scene is filled with amazing descriptions and details that will send you straight to a box of tissues. Randall’s story can be heard from the lips of many women today. It all begins with a sip of alcohol after an occasion, a pill to calm one’s mind, and a simple gateway to sources that’ll keep your supply and mind running high. But there are other stories that you hear that will break your heart as well.

This book has rightfully earned it’s 10 out of 10 Book Charms. Everyone should read this book and take it seriously. If you have a friend in need of help, be there for them. If you have a problem, seek help. It is not too late to turn your life around if you’ve hit rock bottom. Everyone has a story, Randall Grange has a story, J.A. Wright has a story, I have a story. But it is up to us to change our lives around.

You can pick up your own copy of the book down below:


Happy Reading!


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