Indie Mystery Series: “A Search For Family” (The Bart Northcote Series #2) by Murray Lee Eiland, Jr.

Indie Mystery Series: “A Search For Family” (The Bart Northcote Series #2) by Murray Lee Eiland, Jr.


This is a series I’ve been interested to continue reading after the first installment. I first read it a few months ago and I was completely won over immediately. The series centered on Private Investigator, Bart Northcote, who always seems to find himself in the middle of a juicy conflict or two. Summing up the first book without giving the best parts away, The Ishtar Cup, Bart Northcote proves that he smashes the “normal” stereotype of P.I. that other writers create. He is not only an investigator, but he is also a writer as well as has a great taste in art. He is mostly an artist more so than an investigator. On the other hand, he makes up for it completely in this dashing sequel.

john_wayne400His new client is a former Western film star in search to reconnect with the family he left behind. After battling alcoholism and fame, Matt Martin has officially “hung his hat” up and is ready for this new chapter in his life. My grandfather was a huge fan of old Western films, shows, and books. As a child, I remember him tuning into the classic John Wayne films. Matt Martin reminded me quite a bit of the legendary actor. The way the character walked, talked, and presented himself was like the ghost of John Wayne haunted the pages. All of this made me adore the book even more.

Martin has some skeletons in the closet he must face along the way of reconnecting with his family. His happiness is short-lived when his daughter is kidnapped and is held for ransom. Bart picks up the hero torch and rides to hopefully save the day. I could not put this book down for the fact that I wanted to see if Bart pulled out on time and what happened to Martin’s daughter.

Bart has certainly become the hero he was meant to be in all sense of the word. In terms of mystery and thrills, this book presents the actions in spades and then some. I give this sequel a 10 out of 10 Book Charms. Now, I am sadly back to the waiting game with this series. However, something tells me it is definitely worth the wait.

If you’d like to purchase a copy of the first (or second) book, click on the caption below!

The Ishtar Cup

Happy Reading!




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