Charmed Book Haven Reviews 90s Nostalgia “Fear Street Saga Trilogy: The Betrayal, The Secret, and The Burning” By: R.L. Stine

Charmed Book Haven Reviews 90s Nostalgia “Fear Street Saga Trilogy: The Betrayal, The Secret, and The Burning” By: R.L. Stine

tumblr_lina1fHdUR1qh9xsno1_400I am a total 90s kid. During that time, there were various authors I loved to read. Christopher Pike (The Chain Letter, Remember Me), the various ghost authors of the “Buffy The Vampire” slayer series books, Debbie Dadey & Marcia Jones (The Adventures of the Bailey School Kids) you know the books about monsters attempting to blend into regular society and not doing a very good job. Amongst those, there are plenty more I could name but today I want to discuss one particular author. R.L. Stine! If you do not recognize his name, I feel sorry for you.

54069_stine_rlR.L. Stine was the true master of children and teen horror when I was a kid. Basically he is the Stephen King of children horror books. Even today, he still thrills kids with his Goosebumps series in his books and they are on the silver screen starring Jack Black! For teenage audiences, he thrilled us with the Fear Street series. Today, he is actually re-kindling this series and attempting to transform it to fit audiences of today’s generation.

Now back then, the Fear Street and The Ghosts of Fear Street series surrounded this mysterious street located in the fictional town of Shadyside, Ohio. On this street, families would constantly be moving in and out of the various homes strewn up and down the street. At the end of the street lie a burnt out shell of a once magnificent mansion. Rumors spread about the origins of this mansion throughout the various books until one day R. L. revealed that it had originally been the home of the founders of Shadyside, The Fear Family.

Only this family were not the generous founders that people would believe them to be. Instead the family was plagued with a curse that is traced back to the Salem Witch Trials. One woman knows the true origins of this family. Her name is Nora….Nora Goode Fear. And this trilogy is her story of The Betrayal of her ancestors, The Secret the Fear family held pertaining the feud between The Fear family and the Goodes, and lastly The Burning end.


In this review, I will mainly discuss “The Betrayal” and continue the rest later.

We travel back in time to the Wickham Village colony in Massachusetts of 1692. Particularly zooming in on the life of young Susannah Goode and her family. Susannah lives with her mother, father, and her siblings in a cabin amongst the village ruled under by brothers Benjamin and Matthew Fier. Benjamin Fier is the appointed magistrate who hunts down the witches while Matthew executes the orders.

Susannah is not rich, but falls in love with Edward Fier, Benjamin Fier’s son. Edward tries to convince Susannah that they will be married and that his father will agree. Sadly, Benjamin doesn’t give his blessing and instead demands his son marry a wealthy girl who lives out of town. To add salt into the wound, he sends the townspeople after Susannah and her mother, accusing them of witchcraft. George Goode, Susannah’s father, pleads with Matthew for his wife and daughter’s lives. Matthew swindles him into thinking that if George gives him everything he owned, he will release his family.

While waiting in her jail cell, Susannah is visited by Benjamin. She implores Benjamin to not listen to his father’s accusations. Instead of believing her, Benjamin denies her and calls her a witch. Susannah burns at the stake the next day with a broken heart alongside her mother while the Fiers flea the village with the villager’s money. It is then revealed that George Goode is the real witch as he calls upon the evil spirits to place a curse upon the Fier Family.

The Fier family have power of their own as we learn. There power is centered around the family’s ancient heirloom, a silver plated necklace with the engraving of “Power Through Evil” etched in Latin on the back. This necklace follows the family throughout the saga. Later, we see the witness the curses’ demise takes hold of the Fier Family as they try to start fresh elsewhere. I will not spoil anymore but will continue with ‘The Secret” very soon.

Question of the Day: Do You Remember this series? Do You Still have the books? What did you think of this Saga? Which book out of the Trilogy is your favorite? Let me know in the comments!

It’s time for you to re-discover your childhood! If you have never read these books, I implore you to do so. They are short, sweet and oh so spooky!

Happy Reading!



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