Charmed Book Haven ANTHOLOGY EDITION #1 “Nightmares and Dreamscapes-Suffer The Little Children” By Stephen King

Charmed Book Haven ANTHOLOGY EDITION #1 “Nightmares and Dreamscapes-Suffer The Little Children” By Stephen King


Ahh, short stories. They are short, sweet, and depending on the story-it leaves you wanting more! Each one of these stories in this collection does it for me. Stephen King, regardless of how long or short the story, delivers in spades. In this review, it is the beginning of my ANTHOLOGY EDITION review series. See? This blog keeps growing by the minute! Also, there is a little surprise at the end of this article for you that I think you might like if you haven’t read this collection.

With this Charmed Book Haven Anthology Review, the story I chose to review today would be Suffer The Little Children. Back in elementary school, my first grade teacher was this tall, bony old maid set with old seventies glasses and curly mop top hair. When I began the story, the description of the main character reminded me of her too much! Miss Emily Sidley has taught third grade for many years. As an old school teacher, you know they know ALL of the tricks kids at the certain age tend to pull. Again, reminded me of my former first grade teacher.

It’s a normal day where Miss Sidley is teaching her usual spelling class when all of a sudden she has a sixth sense her quietest student, Robert, is acting suspiciously. She punishes him for it until Robert finally reveals his secret. Not only is Robert only a mere shell of a little boy, but a creature lurks within the child. The creature reveals to Miss Sidley about them slowly taking over children in the class and the world. Then…the great revealing.

Ok, if a little child all of a sudden transformed into this hideous alien/monster, I’d freak out too. Miss Sidley bolted out of the school immediately and got hit by a bus. Now now now, don’t worry she’s not dead. Yet…..

Miss Sidley returns to school after somewhat recovering from her memories only she is fully prepared this time. With her deceased brother’s loaded gun, awaiting her orders in her purse. “Robert” taunts her when she returns, only he has a few more friends in the class this time. Gone are the true innocent half of her students and the creatures are taking host in their little bodies. She realizes she must get rid of them.

One by one, she takes each of the possessed students and executes them until another teacher catches onto Miss Sidley’s suspicious behavior. The ending left me grasping for more! Miss Sidley is placed in a mental facility. Only, the government gives her a chance to “redeem” herself in a way. They place her in a room full of special preschoolers where she reads different stories to them.

BUT WAIT!!!! THERE’S MORE! MISS SIDLEY DIES! Yes, you heard me right. SPOILER! Is it the end? No……one of the “observers” on Miss Sidley teaching the preschoolers begin to notice something odd about the little ones……END! Yes, it ends there. Not Fair!!! This deserves a full novel!

Have you read this short story? Have you read the full book? Let me know in the comments below! What did you think of it? Do you think it deserves a full novel too? We Need More Information on these Creatures! Ok, rant over. This story deserves 10 out of 10 Book Charms!

What short story or set of short stories do you love to read?

Alright, the surprise. If you have not read this short story or collection, I have included a video featuring the audiobook (yes audio book) video that features this story just in case you haven’t read it. 

Enjoy and Happy Listening/Reading!



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