Charmed Book Haven Reviews #2 Kathryn Brettell’s “The Olive Picker: A Memoir”

Charmed Book Haven Reviews #2 Kathryn Brettell’s “The Olive Picker: A Memoir”

Welcome Back, that is if you’ve been sticking around. This is Charmed Book Reviews where I review many, MANY different books of varieties of genres. This one, in particular, is a great step away from my first review which was about Stephen King’s apocalyptic classic The Stand. If you want to check it out, you can take a peak in my past posts.

Today, I have the honor of reviewing this moving memoir entitled “The Olive Picker: A Memoir”. The author contacted me about her book and wanted me to dive right in and give an honest review. Here it goes. Now I will not go deep into detail; however, I will give you an “Inside Glance” into this heartfelt story.


Kathryn begins her personal life story while she was holding onto life after an abusive accident turned horribly wrong. In a sense, that was the turning around point of the story even before we even know the full picture. She then rewinds to eight years earlier when she sat down with her personal therapist to discuss her childhood. Kathryn and her sister grew up in a divorce family. Her mother struggled with money and instead of remarrying a respectable man, she married a monster. Kathryn gives details about the abuse and betrayal that befell her sister and herself by the hand of her stepfather.

She continues to relive her pain and remember it as she moves along in her life. She worked extremely hard and fought her way through life. Yes, she made mistakes, but she learned from them. In the end, I cried quite a bit. We all have a story. Some of them are darker than others. On the other hand, you learn from Kathryn’s story that you can still fight for a better life, love, and passion for your personal dreams even if you are still discovering what those dreams are.

Overall, I give this memoir 10 out of 10 Charms. If you’d like to read this book, it is available for download or paperback order on Amazon. If you are a fan of Goodreads, you can add it to your “Reading” list on the site as well. Everyone should read this book and witness the lesson it contains.

If you have read this book, what did you think of it? If you haven’t, pick it up and let me know what you think! If you have a book suggestion leave it in the comment section below.

Happy Reading!


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